July 31, 2013

Foreo Luna - it's pink, it vibrates, what more do you want?!

Foreo Luna - $229 - offers a revolutionary new anti-aging and facial-cleansing system that promises to activate your skin's natural potential with just 2 minutes of use twice a day!

The anti-aging aspect of it comes from a mode that sends gentle low-frequency pulsations beneath the skin's surface to relax facial muscles and promote cell renewal to leave your skin looking smooth, luminous and naturally youthful.

The cleansing mode clears away dead skin cells, opens pores and drives out dirt, oil and makeup residue which results in a much deeper clean than washing by hand and enhancing the benefits of your favourite skincare products while preserving your skin's natural moisture barrier.

I know your first question is going to be "is it better then a Clarisonic?" and I never thought I'd hear myself say this but it kinda is! What I think makes it better is the lack of a bristle brush - instead it has a silicone head which doesn't wear out so it doesn't need to be changed, feels less harsh on the skin and is much easier to clean which just seems more hygenic to me. The anti-aging pulsating mode is also wonderful - does it actually work? I'm not sure, the theory is good but I haven't suddenly started getting carded at the liquor store so I can't say for sure - but my skin sure does feel wonderful afterwards! Other good points: the intensity of the modes are adjustable so it can be as hard or as gentle as you like, it's waterproof so you can use it in the shower and it holds a charge for a really long time so it's great to travel with!

The only downside is that with it not having bristles, there is nothing to hold the cleanser so you need to apply the cleanser directly to your face and then use the Luna, if you are a normal coordinated person I expect this will work fine - if you are a spaz like me expect to make a bit of a mess!

You can also match your skintype with your Luna as there are three different types:

There's a white Luna for ultra-sensitve skin with a wave formation of closely packed, smooth silicone redges designed to minimize abrasion for even the most sensitive skin while still offering cleaning that's highly effective;

A pink Luna for senstive/normal skin with a brush surface that features thinner touch poinst for gentle cleansing alsong with an area of thicker touch points grouped towards the top of the device to allow for deepr, precision cleansing of areas around the nose, ears and hairline; and

A blue Luna for combination skin with thinner touch points for gentle cleansing over much of the brush surface and 2 additional waves of thicker touch points for the stronger cleasing of oily patches. The thicker touch points at the top of the device make for easy targeted cleansing around the nose, ears and hairline.

Check it out at www.foreo.com.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm looking into getting the Luna and I was wondering about shipping to Canada. Did you purchase it off the Foreo site and have it shipped to Canada? If yes, were there any problems/duties charged with having it shipped here?

    1. No problem with shipping to Canada but yes, you'll have to pay taxes and duties like anything else that comes over the border!

      Best, Lisamarie

    2. Hello - can you give us an idea about how much duty was charged?

  2. I love this product, and you can buy it in Canada at any Murale store, or on their web site - murale.ca


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