July 25, 2013

Cute Alert - Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder!

Always longed for Jem and the Holograms inspired streaks in your hair without the commitment? Then be prepared to love:

Anastasia Hypercolor Brown & Hair Powder - $16 - in 6 shades: In The Pink, Lola Lilac, Red-Licious, Royal, Teal Tornado and Ultra Violet - that offer instant gratification, intense colour without having to bleach or dye.
It's simple to apply - just decide where you want it and wet the hair with a little serum or leave-in conditioner then you can apply the colour by running the compact down the length of hair sandwiched inbetween either your fingers or a makeup sponge. Set the colour with hairspray and you're done! 
If you are using it on your brows, use a little bit of brow wax first, apply the colour and set with brow gel. The colour can even be used as an intense eyeshadow if you're wanting to do the monochromatic thing!
Application can be messy so I would recommend a towel around your shoulders and a pair of plastic gloves! Once it's on you should avoid touching it as much as possible, the colour does transfer and if you're putting this on before a night out be prepared to wash your hair when you get home or use an old pillowcase to sleep on because that's where you'll be finding the colour in the morning!
Available online at www.anastasia.net
- Lisamarie -

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