September 16, 2015

First I'm living like a star at the 2015 Elevate Lounge - then you're winning like one with our contest!

TIFF is back in town to remind us that being a celebrity is hard work - getting your hair, makeup and nails done all the time, having people constantly tell you how fabulous you are - it's a rough life! Being the trooper that I am though I was willing to give it a whirl and headed over to the Elevate Lounge 2015 for some star treatment!

You can't be feted without great hair and as mine is anything but, I let the Nexxus stylists work their magic - within 10 minutes I went from limp to luscious with only 2 products - Nexxus Mousse Plus - to add some lift and volume to my roots and Nexxus Comb Thru Touchable Hold Finishing Mist - feels super-light on the hair and offers flexible hold and natural control that lasts.

Lesson learned - no matter how hard I try I can never make my hair look as good as a stylist can - I wonder if that's just a thing and even if you are a stylist who can make other people's hair look good, you can't do anything with your own...must remember to ask next time I'm at the salon.
And you certainly can't run around with no makeup - you just end up in the "Celebrities with no makeup" issue of the Star - and I wouldn't be one of the ones that they marvel at looking so good with no makeup either! Of course makeup applies better to a nice, clean canvas so Simple Skincare was on hand with their Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes to refresh and hydrate skin while removing grime, makeup and even waterproof mascara! My skin felt so good after cleansing that I really didn't want to put any makeup back on - but a star's gotta do what a star's gotta do!

Lesson learned - there is probably a giant ball of foundation in my head - I put on a full face of makeup this morning but there was hardly any foundation on the wipe - where did it go? I'm almost positive that it's being sucked in through my face and stored somewhere inside me for some evil purpose that my body hasn't informed me of yet... I don't actually need to lose 10 pounds I just need to stop retaining foundation!
All that pampering has sure is tiring so thank heavens that Dr. Scholl's has foot massages on the offer - but first they get rid of all my dry and calloused skin with their new Dr. Scholl's Express Pedi Foot Smoother - dammit this thing tickles! After much giggling I do have beautifully smooth feet - and laughter is supposed to be good for you...

Lesson learned - heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeheh - tickles!
If I was a real celebrity I would skip the food part of the lounge or maybe just look at the food (from a distance) and if I was feeling really crazy possibly sniff it:

First I met with Gay Lea who has finally realized that cottage cheese is a disgusting lumpy food not fit for human consumption, got rid of the lumps, added some flavour and Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese was born! It comes in 2 flavours: Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean and to me tastes pretty much like Greek yogurt - with the added benefit of having 10 grams of protein.

On to Magnum who makes premium ice cream bars that are full of chocolatey, caramely and now double peanut buttery deliciousness - Belgian chocolate, vanilla bean ice cream.... I don't think I need say any more...

Lesson learned - companies have finally figured out that nobody wants to eat food that looks like their thighs but they are fine with eating the (delicious) food that made them look that way to begin with.

Then I met the rep from VOSS - an infusable artesian water from Norway which can be infused with all kinds of things - infuse it with fruits, infuse it with vegetables, infuse it with herbs - you name it, you can infuse it - infused must have been on his word-of-the-day calendar and he was making sure he got his money's worth - I get it, it must be hard to find a lot to say about water even if it is super pure and low in minerals.

Finally I met the Lipton's lady for something else you infuse into water - tea - these guys really should have teamed up.

Always thinking, I took my Voss water home, infused the hell out of it with a Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange teabag and some ice and amazing iced tea was born! Infuse that bitches!

Lesson learned - once you stuff fruit into a water bottle it is not coming out again unless maybe you have really long frog fingers - if you insist on infusing be prepared for your recycling depot to hate you.

After all that I was understandably exhausted and headed home for a celebrity-worthy nap which obviously involved satin sheets, a mink sleep mask and shirtless, oiled-up fireman fanning me - I don't know how the rich and famous do this everyday!

- zzzzzzzz Lisamarie -

Wait, before I go take that nap - we're giving away 3 Elevate Lounge prize packs with all of the products I was pampered with and more! Just tweet us at @Beautycrazedcan with a link to this post, hashtag #elevateLoungeTO and tell us what you think would be the hardest thing about being a celebrity! Canadians only and you have until September 22nd to enter! Good luck!


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