September 4, 2015

Vidal Sassoon Salonist - for salon quality hair colour at home!

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour - $14.99 - in 24 shades:  1/0 Neutral Black, 3/66 Darkest Intense Violet, 4/46 Dark Red Violet, 5/3 Medium Gold Brown, 3/0 Darkest Neutral Brown, 4/0 Dark Neutral Brown, 5/0 Medium Neutral Brown, 5/1 Medium Cool Brown, 6/0 Light Neutral Brown, 6/1 Light Cool Brown, 6/3 Light Gold Brown, 8/0 Medium Neutral Blonde, 7/0 Dark Neutral Blonde, 8/1 Medium Cool Blonde, 8/3 Medium Gold Blonde, 9.5/0 Very Light Neutral Blonde, 9/0 Light Neutral Blonde, 10/0 Lightest Neutral Blonde, 10/1 Lightest Cool Blonde, 5/45 Medium Intense Red, 4/4 Dark Auburn, 5/5 Medium Reddish Brown, 6/4 Light Auburn, 7/43 Intense Copper Red - a permanent at-home colour that allows you to colour like a colourist, and achieve hair that’s full of depth and tones.

With an innovative 2-step technique system that treats roots and lengths of the hair separately - because new hair growth and previously coloured hair absorb colour differently - to ensure that both parts of the hair get the optimum colour saturation needed - with 100% gray coverage and up to 8 weeks of colour.

It was a little more work then my usual colour - rather then a bottle that you mix the colour and developer in there is a brush and a bowl - the upside to this method is that it's much easier to make sure everything gets mixed together properly - the downside is that you get the full effect of chemical stink without a covered container to protect you! Once it's mixed you are meant to use 3/4 of the solution on your roots and then mix the provided serum with the remaining solution and use that for the lengths - thankfully the serum takes away the chemical smell and makes the whole process much more pleasant! Applying with a brush took a little bit of getting used to but the solution is nice and thick so it was quite easy to get the colour on my head without any spilling or splattering. 30 minutes later I washed it out to hair that is a glorious shade of auburn - I don't know that the 2 separate steps made my colour a lot different from how it usually looks but this shade is  great so no complaints from me! 

Available now at drug, mass and grocery retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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