February 3, 2010

Benefit's Bathina wants you to take a picture...it lasts longer...

You know I love shiny, shimmery things so it stands to reason that I would be all over benefit's new Bathina offering - "take a picture...it lasts longer..." - $32 - I shouldn't say new because it's really a revamp of Bathina body so fine.  She's traded in her robe for some short shorts that make her legs look like they go forever but the light, subtley floral scent remains the same.  What they have changed that pleases me is that the balm's sheen is now golden-pink rather than the silver-pink that it used to be.  The new sheen is so much more flattering so I'm very happy!  For anyone who hasn't tried it before, it's a glimmering body balm that you apply to your arms, legs, shoulders or anywhere else you want to draw attention to.  Learn from my mistake though, do NOT apply this to any "problem" areas as it really will highlight them!  It has some nice moisturizing ingredients including jojoba seed oil, natural aloe extract, vitamin E and antioxidants.  It comes in a slim metal container with the puff inside so it's perfect for throwing into your purse or overnight bag!  If only benefit would make a product that would instantly give me Bathina's legs!

- Lisamarie -

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