February 12, 2010

Don't Make Fun of The Bag Lady Because She's Carrying a $54000 Bag!

You read correctly. That thing with dangling bits and the LV monogram all over costs $54000. Yes US dollars, not Simeolons or Bahts. Louis Vuitton asks for real money for this real disaster. Even the color palette is depressing. Oh Dear Marc Jacobs, what have you done? I've seen a few LV stilettos that would make my day, but this...no, you would need to pay ME $54000 to go anywhere near this thing, called New Age Traveler Backpack, by the way. I can tell the LV designer has probably NEVER backpacked in his entire life.

But guess what? Louis Vuitton didn't stop there.

This beautiful Louis Vuitton garbage Raindrop Besace bag will only cost you $1960 and comes in brown and green. It's homeless chic! 

If you cannot afford Louis Vuitton designs, fear not. I designed this amazing black bag with yellow straps, exclusively for Beauty Crazed. Only $1.96. Stocks are limited.



  1. lol. I'd have to agree with you on the bags. I'm not a fan at all!!! The first one looks a little scary, haha. Great post!

  2. That's ridiculous. It reminds me of the Derelicte line from the movie Zoolander.

  3. Oh, I laughed so hard when I saw your post about $1.96 and stock is limited on your version of the trash bag. What are they thinking with these bags? I agree. They would also have to pay me to walk with any of these bags. However, I somehow see Beyonce with that first bag. I am not kidding. She seems to end up with the ugliest things that are the most expensive. I love her, but sometimes I think she purchases them (or they send them to her) just because she can. I was laughing so hard my husband had to come see and he also loved your bag for $1.96. So funny!

  4. My design is much more exlusive than Louis Vuitton because nobody has it yet, not even Beyonce!



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