June 8, 2010

Marcelle Hydra C Quenches Your Oily Skin.

Now, if some of you wonder why oily skin would need to be re-hydrated...well let me tell you: oily skin needs moisture too! I once heard someone saying she didn't moisturize her skin at all because it was oily. Big mistake. I'm now happy to report that her face looks like a prune.

As you know I'm always looking for good affordable skin care for my oily skin and this Marcelle Hydra C hydrating fluid did not disappoint me.
This lotion contains vitamins C and E as well as shea butter. I was expecting a citrus scent but thankfully it's fragrance free! I really liked the texture as it is light and non greasy. It does a good job moisturizing my skin but I don't end up looking like an oil factory by the end of the day...which is what a girl with oily skin wants! The packaging for this fluid is great, it's a pomp so it's a moisturizer I can travel with. The down side of gel cream and hydrating fluids of this kind? There is no SPF protection here. Finally I saved the best for last: the price - it's a very affordable $22.95 -

Now if your skin is really oily, I think the Hydra C gel-cream ($22.95) is a better option than the hydrating fluid. It's even lighter than the fluid, it almost feels like water when you apply it on your skin, it has a light refreshing effect. It's an interesting texture. Again, I will remind you there is no SPF protection here.

I'm not surprised this Hydra C line won awards from Elle Canada and Chatelaine. Good, affordable, unpretentious moisturizers for oily skin can definitely be tricky to find.


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  1. wow! i love this entry, thanks for sharing this :) as i am currently looking for an alternative to my good ol clean and clear oil free moisturizer lol.


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