June 14, 2010

Your trip to the hair care aisle just became a lot easier thanks to Pantene!

How often do you go to your drugstore and then stand in the middle of the hair care aisle totally confused by the vast array of choices?  You probably know what type of hair you have but most of the lines don't make it easy to figure out which products from their line would be optimal for your hair.  Pantene felt our pain and have revamped their line to make choosing the right product a whole lot easier. 

All you need to do is pick your hair type:  fine, medium-thick or curly and choose your products from that particular line.  The only exception is if you are colour-treated - then you should choose your shampoo and conditioner from the Colour Hair Solutions line and then your styling products from your hair type line - easy peasy right?  Here are all the lines and what is available in each one:

The Fine Hair Solutions includes a specially designed polymer for fine hair as fine hair has up to 50% less protein than thicker hair and it may need special reinforcements to keep it from falling flat or breaking. The collection includes lightweight conditioning ingredients that help protect hair from damage revealing bouncy, revitalized hair, and styling ingredients that help create volume looks effortlessly, provide all day hold , and maintain fullness for long-lasting styles.  Here's what the line offers:

Flat to Volume Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Flat to Volume Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 - $5.99
Dry to Moisturized Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Fragile to Strong Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Style Shaping Hairspray Aerosol - $5.99
Lasting Volume Hairspray Aerosol - $5.99
Touchable Volume Hairspray Non-Aerosol - $5.99
Triple Action Volume Mousse - $5.99
Weightless Body Building Gel - $5.99
Heat Protection Shine & Spray - $8.99
Root Lifter Spray Gel - $5.99
Anti-Breakage Detangler - $5.99

The Medium-Thick Hair Solutions includes conditioning ingredients that help reduce breakage, provide strength against damage, smooth cuticles and help reduce/control frizz.  In addition, products within the collection help control the movement of moisture and help prevent frizz formation.  In the line is:

Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 - $5.99
Breakage to Strength Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Dry to Moisturized Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Anti-Humidity Hairspray Aerosol or Non-Aerosol - $5.99
Flowing Body Mousse - $5.99
Smooth Definition Gel - $5.99
Heat Protection & Shine Spray - $8.99
Style Straighten & Smooth Creme - $5.99
Silkening Detangler - $5.99
Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules - $10.99
Intensive Restoration Treatment - $5.99

The  Curly Hair Series utilizes ingredients that work to control the movement of moisture in and out of the hair shaft, and lubricate hair to minimize damage caused by fiber interactions.  Here's what is in the line:

Curls to Straight Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Dry to Moisturized Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Dry to Moisturized Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 - $5.99
Satin Hold Hairspray Aerosol or Non-Aerosol - $5.99
Curl Enhancing Spray Gel - $5.99
Curl Enhancing Mousse - $5.99
Curl Shaping Gel - $5.99
Protection & Shine Spray - $5.99
Anti-Frizz Straightening Creme - $5.99
Light Conditioning Detangler - $5.99

The Colour Hair Solutions utilizes ingredients that work to help return the modified chemical structure of colour-treated hair to that of hair that has never been coloured.  In addition, formulas improve the way light interacts with hair to result in multi-dimensional shine.  The line includes:

Colour Preserve Shine Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Colour Preserve Volume Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Colour Preserve Smooth Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Brunette Expressions Daily Colour Enhancing Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Highlighting Expresssions Daily Colour Enhancing Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Blonde Expressions Daily Colour Enhancing Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99
Colour Nourishing Treatment - $8.99

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Oh wow. I'd have to agree and say that this is a great idea to figuring out what type of products would be best for your hair type. It seems a little difficult to tell and the selection can surely be overwhelming. I just purchased some new shampoo and conditioner for an upcoming review, but when I'm done with it, I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing! :)


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