June 22, 2010

New and Notable at Shoppers Drug Mart - Quo, Lise Watier, Annabelle, Pure Silk, Sally Hansen and L'Oréal

If you haven't tried Quo brushes before this is a great way (and deal) to start!  I own many myself and find the quality to be on par with some of the expensive brands!  And there is something about coloured brushes that I really love - if they only could have made a pink set!

Quo Flawless Face Brush Kit - $40 - a purple metallic case contains:  Face Contour, Foundation, Large Concealer, Fan and Bronzer Brush.  The same floral design on the flap is also on the brush handles!

The Smoky Eye Kit - $35 - a blue metallic case contains:  All Over Shadow, Smudger, Crease Blender, Ultrafine Liner and Brow/Lash Brush.  And if you think the fact that I already own all of these brushes is going to stop me from buying these blue ones means that you are all kinds of crazy!

Lise Watier has two new additions to their Feline line - Feline HD Waterproof Mascara - $21 and Feline HD Eyeliner - $17 - I love the brush on the original mascara so making a waterproof one makes me so happy.  I must admit, I am fascinated by the liner - I am a total spaz when it comes to liquid liner but this one is a hybrid of a brush and a magic marker so I'm going to have to give it a whirl - stay tuned!

Annabelle Studio Custom Quads - $15.99 - Best selling trend shades from 2009 have reappeared in these limited edition palettes.  Here's your chance to restock or pick up something you missed out on the first time! soar - blue, smoked - grey, purple reine - purple, whipped - off white  or misted up - silver, laguna surf - sea blue, funburst - gold, martian - grass green

Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream - $1.79 - lots of great smells: cherry blossom, citrus zest, plumeria, peaches & cream for sensitive skin, raspberry mist, coconut & oat flour and the very summery melon splash! What I think is very clever about these, other then all the delicious sounding names - is the can is 100% aluminum which means it won't rust - no more rusty cans in the shower for me!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour - $3.29 - this wonderful display has appeared filled with every funky, sparkly colour for every summer nail polish trend you could think of!  And at this price, you can have as many as you want!

L'Oréal Passport to Paradise Summer Collection - Pro Manicure polishes in 3 shades of blue: waters edge, high tide and ocean breeze - $6.99, Glam Bronze bronzers:  tropical bronze (single), sunkissed bronze (duo) and glistening bronze (duo) - $14.49, Wear Infinité Quad eyeshadows in aquatic escape and sea splash - $12.99 and Infallible Gloss in tropical sunset and sandy beaches - $11.99.  I know you US people have had this collection for ages now, but we are slower here in Canada and are just enjoying it now!  Being the blue nail polish whore that I am, I couldn't decide which one I liked best so bought all three!
 - Lisamarie -


  1. I generally wouldn't pay the prices that L'Oreal is charging. If i'm gonna pay that much for a drugstore product, I might as well put a couple more $$$ in & pay for the high end stuff. But i do think that the collection is really beautiful. Also, I have QUO brushes to & i am SO pleased with them. Except the skunk brush. mine sheds RIDICULOUSLY! it's gross.

  2. ok, I have this mental image of a shedding skunk and it's not pretty! LOL! You can take the brush back and exchange it, SDM is really good about standing behind all of their store brands!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. FYI the L'Oreal summer polishes are exact dupes of the Essie "north fork" collection released a couple of years ago (sag harbor, etc) since L'Oreal just bought out Essie. Enjoy! I own Sag Harbor already (grey) so I just got the turquoise because it's still cheaper than ebay.

    My super expensive MAC duofibre skunks shed like a muthafugga...

  4. It might be faster to make a list of what companies L'Oreal hasn't bought! ;-)

    I've never had a skunk brush but it sounds like it doesn't matter the brand, they just shed...



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