October 13, 2010

Anna Sui Kaleidoscope Fall 2010 and did you know Anna Sui is now at Shoppers?!

I discovered something interesting the other day when I went into a local Shoppers to pick up something from MUFE - turns out they don't carry Make Up For Ever anymore and have replaced it with Anna Sui - which is very exciting!  Bad that it won't be as handy to pick up MUFE but neat to get a line that I'm pretty unfamiliar with in playing distance!  So I thought this was a good time to post about the fall collection - I am just starting my Anna Sui education, but I just know that a line with such cute packaging has got to be good!

Eye Color Duo - $38 - one polarized pearl shade made with volatile oil, keeping the powder from dispersing and one vibrant deep shade providing a magical gradation in which the colour changes intricately and that contains more oil to make it fit closely to the skin.  In 3 shades:  05 lavender/dark red which combine into a feminine purple shade, 06 sky blue/deep purple which combine into a mysterious blue, 07 lemon yellow/deep black which combines into a spicy green.

Eye Color - $25 - a special formula that combines different oil pastes to provide a lasting finish.  Available in 22 amazing colours.

Eye Brightener - $25 - 01 bright beige - contains a high level of white pigment and combines three different pearls providing a perfectly three dimensional finish.  Has a water base for easy application and creates a natural, silky, satiny luster that can be used not only on the eyelids, but also on other areas that need to be brightened.
Spot Concealer - $25 - 01 light tone, 02 medium tone, 03 dark tone - a smooth cream base used to cover anything from tiny blemishes to wider areas.  Soft Focus Powder and two kinds of Titanium Oxidize are combines to create a thick but natural finish.
Mini Rouge - Limited Edition - $21 - In three colours: vivid red, vivid pink and vivid purple.  How cute is this little thing?!  An accessory and gloss all in one!
Nail Color - Limited Edition - $15 - In four colours: glassy pearl clear, glassy pearl purple, glassy pearl pink and glassy pearl brown.
And coming in November - Hand & Nail Cream - $19 - rich moisture provided by shea butter and jojoba oil.

Any recommendations for a Anna Sui newbie?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Very pretty images. Bringing back "class" to blue eyeshadow?

  2. I definitely want to try the nail lacquer as well as the lip rose thinger! so cute!

  3. Tsk Fiona, how could blue eyeshadow be anything BUT classy! ;-)

    Agree linnea, love the lip rose thinger too!

    Best, Lisamarie


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