October 22, 2010

Brava Boutique would give your lingerie drawer a real lift!

Toronto girls who spend their working days downtown navigating their way around through the PATH probably already know about Brava Boutique located at Commerce Court North on the Concourse Level at 25 King Street West.  If you've never been for a professional bra fitting, this is the place to go!  They carry styles with cup sizes from A to K and sizes from 28-54 - so there is something for everyone!  As well, they are Certified Prosthetic Fitters.

They carry brands from around the world - I'm in love with a couple of the Belgium designer's bras pictured below as well as Christine Vancouver's negligees!

And if you have a husband or boyfriend prone to buying you lingerie that is the wrong size or just not to your taste - the store keeps all of your sizing and preference info on file - you can just send him in and finally get a present that fits (and is gorgeous)! Start making your Christmas list!

Christine Vancouver - Canada - silk rose negligee - $195
Christine Vancouver - Canada - silk and lace negligee - $230

 Prima Donna - Belgium - Helsinki
 Marie Jo Irina - $196
Marie Jo - Belgium - Camille - $146

Marie Jo - Belgium - Jane - $179

You can contact Brava Boutique at 416-363-1843 or online at www.bravaboutique.ca

- Lisamarie -


  1. Thank you for taking the time and for being patient with me and helping me chose what worked for me and for my body type. The lingerie you helped me pick are now my favorite!

  2. Great service, great undies, great selections. Thank you!

  3. I appreciate how attentive the Brava Boutique staff was when I went in to find a couple of bras. They were very professional and I loved the place.

  4. Brava Boutique had such a selection. I was able to choose some super cool and trendy items to add to my lingerie collection. So excited to have bras that fit.

  5. I had to get a comfortable bra for a wedding I was in and Brava Boutique has the best seamless bra from the MarliesDekkers collection and it is one of the best bras that I own. I have never felt a more comfortable bra in my life. Would definitely continue to recommend.

  6. At first I was pretty skeptical because the pricing is a little higher than I would normally pay but the bras I looked at are going to last a lot longer than what I would buy a cheaper quality bra for. From an investment point of view, the bras are a deal. They will last years and still look sexy. Brava Boutique did an awesome job!

  7. My boyfriend and I were looking to spice things up so we went in together and there were a ton of sexy items for us to choose from. We enjoyed looking at them and picking them out together. Definitely a fun experience for us and we will be going to Brava Boutique again.

  8. I have never been fitted before or sized ever except from me just guessing. When I went in, they helped to fit me and they were just really thorough. I felt so comfortable and happy to finally know what my size was.

  9. We came in to town and I wanted to get some quality sleepwear. I was staying downtown and I found Brava Boutique. Their sleepwear was so comfy!

  10. I recently had a mastectomy and I was looking for something that would really help me. The girls were so amazing and they were so uplifting and made me feel comfortable with choosing underwear that really fit me.

  11. We were looking for Shan Swimwear and I am so thankful we went in it. We got some great items while we were there and they were so affordable. We will definitely be going back.

  12. Maria Inyz :-
    I was looking for bras for a ski trip we were going on to wear underneath and I found a great sport bra and panty set. Brava gave me amazing choices and the bras are such high quality! They are going to last for so long.


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