October 20, 2010

France vs UK: The European High Heel Race Heats Up!

I'm currently in Paris and while we've completely mastered the protesters vs riot police race, we're still in need of training for the European high heel race. This race will include 12 French teams and 12 English teams. The regional selections have already taken place but Sarenza, one of the sponsors, is offering you a second chance to participate to this epic battle (see the details on their website). This race is for serious runners too: your heels must be at least 3.15 inches (8cm) high and your team relay is a 3x60 meters race!
The grand prize is pretty sweet, though: 3000 euros worth of shoes (£2500) and even your supporters could win a year's supply of shoes! Unfortunately, while I can run with high heels, I will be back to Canada before this wonderful event!

It looks like it would have been a blast!



  1. I so want to get this in Canada - I might even shop this idea around! There is a similar high heel race in Amsterdam every year - it looks super fun!


  2. HILARIOUS! haha looks like fun!


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