October 21, 2010

Mister Lash Booster - good enough to deserve a title!

What is it about giving a product a title that makes me think that it must be good?! As you know, I'm a lash serum junkie so I knew I had to try this one!

Enter Mister Lash Booster - $32 -

It's got a very funky looking applicator with soft little spikes which are meant to gently massage the roots of your eyelashes - and as we know, massage is good for the circulation which helps get the product working better and faster!

The product itself is a light, non-sticky gel.  It contains a marine extract for strengthening and thickening, polymers to protect and add shine and curve, and soy proteins to smooth the surface of the lashes.

It's easy to use, just twist the base to dispense the serum and apply starting at the base of the upper lashes, work the product outwards towards the tip like a regular mascara.  Then repeat for the lower lashes.

What is cool about this one is that it can be used at night to revitalize lashes while you sleep or during the day like a clear mascara if you are going for a more natural look or underneath your mascara as a primer.

I've been trying it out for several weeks now and have been very pleased with how soft and healthy my eyelashes are!  I love it wearing it under mascara, it helps the mascara glide on so easily!  I've also been loving it for a natural weekend look when I normally wouldn't wear mascara, it just gives my eyes a little extra polish for the no makeup look!

Mister Lash Booster is available exclusively at Sephora.

- Lisamarie -

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