August 19, 2011

Out damn spot! Lighten and Brighten with Philosophy, Biotherm, SkinCeuticals, Garnier and Lancôme!

We worry so much about lines and wrinkles that what we forget is that there is something that can make us appear even older - dark spots and skin discolouration! Everyone has it - caused by aging, the sun, stress, hormonal fluctuations and acne marks - and it's amazing what a difference a bright, clear complexion will make to how young you look! Here are a few options in your quest for brightness:

Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector - 30ml - $81 - touted as a miraculous all-over brightener and dark spot corrector that visibly improves the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration associated with age spots, acne scarring and sun damage that will even and brighten skin tone, revealing a more uniform complexion that is good for all skin tones and ethnicities.

Available exclusively at Sephora although it looks like you will have to go into the store to buy it - I tried to put it in my cart at and when I went to check out it came up "Canada restricted".

Biotherm White D-Tox Neo-Whitening Serum - 30ml - $82 - an ultra-fresh formula that penetrates rapidly into the skin - contains phyto-plum extract, phyto-code see and phyto-marine extract - to help reduce melanin transfer and inhibit melanosome darkening. Designed to unify, clarify, erase dark spots, transform, moisturize and enhance the luminous level of the skin.

SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator Daily High Potency Brightening Treatment - 30ml - $98 -  works at deep levels to inhibit the production of melanin as well as works on the surface to exfoliate existing melanin away with 2% kojic acid - to inhibit the production of excess melanin, balance overall skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation; 2% emblica - to discourage excess melanin form traveling to the kin's surface, prevent hyperpigmentation and brighten skin; and 10% exfoliants (glycolic acid and aminosulfonic acid blend) - to break up and remove melanin clusters on the skin's surface.

Available in selected doctor's offices, medi-spas and spas across Canada. Visit for a location near you.
Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector - 50ml - $19.99 - contains 5% pure vitamin C (an excellent skin lightener, collagen builder and antioxidant) in the form of L-ascorbic acid which is stable from oxidation and effectively works to penetrate the skin barrier and performs a triple action on the pigmentation cycle: decreases the enzyme production that triggers melanin production; breaks up pigmentation clusters; and accelerates cell turnover.

Lancôme Bright Expert Dark Spot Corrector and Radiance Activator - 30ml - $75 - enriched with an exclusive mela-NO complex that helps to gently remove dead cells and re-texturize skin's surface for an evenly smooth skin and helps reduce the look of existing dark spots and diminish visible irregular pigment formation on skin's surface.

Any of these would be a great choice - and my best piece of advice - whichever one you do choose, make sure you wear your sunscreen or all your time, energy and money will go to waste as the sunspots will reappear!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Don't you just love when "Canada Restricted" pops up. Grrr!

  2. I also have dark spot that is hard to erase. Hope to hear your review of it.

  3. Does anyone like the Biotherm one?! I need reviews on that one :)



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