December 30, 2011

Fragrant Friday - Honoré des Prés We Love NY collection

Canada will soon be enjoying the Honoré des Prés - 100% organic perfume line! - fragrances that promise to stay alive on your skin and keep you on edge with a true sensation of well being!

There is the interesting We Love NY collection - 50ml - $98:

Vamp à NY - tuberose with rum and resins.
Love les Carottes - carrot juice, tips, grains, sweet oranges, Caribbean vanilla and iris butter.
Love Coconut - white coconut milk, leaf of coriander and vanilla.

I'd like to say I love the scents but I'm afraid none of them are to my taste at all  - I do think the packaging is clever though - takeout coffee cups!

If they aren't your cup of tea (coffee) either - don't worry Honoré des Prés have several other fragrances - 50ml - $84:

Sexy Angelic - fresh almonds, hemlock flower, angelica seeds and calisson

Nu Green - green mint leaves, herbs, Indian vegetal musk, tarragon and white cedar.

Chaman's Party - moist soil, Vetiver root, basil, wood of life and dried clove flowers.

And just from the description, it's not hard to guess that I love:

Honoré's Trip - mandarine, orange, yellow and green lemons, pepper and tree resin.

Check out to find out where to buy.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I adore Sexy Angelic! It is soft and snuggly and so easy to wear. I agree with the NYC collection- a bit weird and not what I want perfume or myself to smell like. The other ones just smell like herbal messes.


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