December 29, 2011

Head to toe beauty solutions from Magic Hair Pad, Avon and Tip Top Shoe Saver!

They say there is a solution to every problem and why shouldn't that apply to beauty problems too?! Here's a few products that solve beauty issues that I didn't even know could be fixed!

Magic Hair Pad Fringe Holder - pack of 2 - $7 - if you have bangs then you deal with the issue of washing your face or applying masks and needing to do something with the hair in the way. I usually use a headband to pull my bangs back but then I end up with a ridge in my hair. Magic Hair Pads solve this problem - they hold my hair off my face without adding ridges! Actually they are almost too light, one day I forgot I was still wearing it and walked out of the house with it still in my hair! And because they are flat they travel well - taking up almost no space in your makeup bag!

Available online at
Avon Foot Works Anti-Rub Blister Stick - 2.5g - $7.99 - creates an invisible barrier to prevent friction and discomfort from shoes and instantly helps reduce rubbing that can cause blisters. To use you just apply liberally to areas of feet prone to hot spots, chafing and blisters. Not only is this great for sandals which always tend to rub - it's also excellent for winter boots - there is always a spot in new boots that will rub me raw until they are broken in, but thankfully no longer!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Tip Top Shoe Saver - $14.99 - it there anything more annoying then buying a new pair of pointy shoes and within the first few wears they develop that annoying crease? It is inevitable because of the void space between the toes and the exaggerated tip but that doesn't mean it isn't fixable! Forget stuffing the toes with paper or cardboard - the Tip Top Shoe Saver has 4 plastic adjustable breakaways that can be removed for the perfect fit - instant pointy shoe perfection!

Score your own at

- Lisamarie -


  1. omg, i wish they had that blister stuff here, how have i lived without it!!

  2. Tip top shoe saver..why didn't I think of that, what a great product idea!

  3. Hahaha I wish I would have seen you with the bang thing on :P

    That blister stuff really WORKS! Carried one with me in the summer and it was so useful.


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