December 3, 2011

Pore perfection is yours for the asking from Boscia, Bioré, Elizabeth Grant and Benefit!

I've been on a bit of a pore kick lately - trying and revisiting pore products to find ones that really will make them at least appear less there. Here's what my faves are right now:

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask - 80g - $41 - a mineral-rich clay mask that deep cleans and draws out dirt and oil and then peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects. Powerful antioxidants make pores appear smaller, firm skin, and reduce inflammation.

When I was young I loved to paint my hand with contact cement, wait for it to dry and peel it off. If I was a sun worshiper and burned, I'm sure I would enjoy peeling my burn too! So it isn't any surprise that I just love this peel mask! My skin feels so smooth and clear after I use it! Don't bother using it all over though, unless you are really oily everywhere. I use it on my T-zone with something more moisturizing on my cheeks. The black mixed with another colour makes it all very festive looking too!

Not sure if you want to commit to a full sized one? Then check out the Boscia Pore Essentials Trio - $26.25 - it contains a 30g Mask, 10ml No Pores, No Shine T-Zone Treatment and 3 Pore Strips. Available at Sephora and
Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - 8 strips - $12.99 - instantly pulls away oil and dirt build-up from your nose in just one use, ridding pores of build-up and blackheads even in those hard to reach areas. Helps reduce the appearance of pores with regular use. I've tried other brands but no other pore strip seems to work as well! I even like the Boscia ones but they are lacking one important element of enjoyment to the whole pore strip experience - because they are black I can't see all the crap they pulled out of my pores - gross but true so I'll stick with my Biore strips!
Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Porefection - 15ml - $22 - eliminates dull skin and revitalizes skin tone as it stimulates exfoliation, reduces the look of pores and intensely hydrates the skin all while you sleep! This isn't an every night thing, you just use it 2-3 times a week on your t-zone - I love how smooth the areas look in the morning! Available online at
Benefit The POREfessional - 22ml - $34 -  a lightweight, translucent, oil-free, dual-action - to prime & touch up during the day and can be used both under and over makeup.

This is meant to be used as a primer under your makeup as well as a touch up during the day over your makeup in any "pore affected" areas. It can also be used by pore-conscious people who don't wear makeup for a polished effect.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I've tried the Biore one last week. The pain to take it off was worse then wax, cause you have to do it sloooowly. Not to mention how red my face looked after stripping it off. I would suffer again if I had seen a immediate result... but no, new pimples showed up the day after.

  2. It shouldn't hurt - my recommendation would be to wet your skin a little bit if it is but I've never gotten it so adhered that it was tough to take off at all! It's just for blackheads, not pimples, actually I don't think it would be good for pimples at all, probably very irritating!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I have the Boscia black mask and love it. The Benefit pore balm is nice but notice i don't use it as often cuz i forget to put it on.

  4. I've tried the Bosica mask... but to expensive of an investment for my college student budget lol Switched to Shills... fraction of the price.. and pulls more stuff out lol (ewwwww)

    hehe i love looking/ examining all the gunk I pull out of my nose with pore strips too


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