December 1, 2011

What happens when you put four future hairdressers and a slightly deranged blogger in a room together with a camera for HAA? Let's find out!

While you all were toiling away at work and school today, I had the great pleasure of hanging out with a very cool group of hairdressing students from Marca College - Dufferin and helping them make a video in support of Hairdressers Against AIDS and World AIDS Day. Not only was it educational, it was a hell of a lot of fun!

L’Oréal Professional invited myself and 9 other bloggers to each join a group of students and mentor them in the making of a video. I must admit I was a little apprehensive, I've never made video, touched an iPad or been allowed near young people with impressionable minds before so any of these factors could have made the whole thing a disaster! Luckily I had the best group and as you can see, definitely the most attractive!

Many thanks to my new best friends and future hairdressers (I will get a discount right?!) (l-r): Chantel, Josh, Keisha and Vanessa (front) for making this such a great experience! And as you will all see from the video below, they are a talented bunch too!
Please excuse the sound in advance - it was a noisy room and some parts are hard to hear because it would seem that the iPad is not renowned for it's mic abilities!

And in support of the whole theme of the day which was to use your voice and help educate, if you like the video, please pass the link along to a friend - the best way to a beautiful world without AIDS is for everyone to keep the dialogue going!
- Lisamarie -

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