December 7, 2011

Guest Post - Sephora Nail Bling - so easy even a Pink Sith can apply them!

My motives for asking my best American friend, Elvira to try out the nail stickers were only half pure, you see my nails are so small that trying this kind of thing is useless, I have to chop them up so much that there is no hope of them looking good. On the other hand, I never imagined she would be successful with them after last time so I was at least  expecting to get a bit of a laugh out of it... as it turns out the joke's on me, they look great and I'm jealous! Read on for Elvira's adventures with Sephora Nail Bling:

Hello darling readers of Beauty Crazed in Canada. I’m baaaaaack! It’s Elvira from The Pink Sith Blog with another review of a Sephora Nail product.  Back in June of 2010 I wrote about Sephora Chic Prints for Nails. It was a great experience working with Lisamarie but a terrible experience wearing those blasted nail stickers. Now it is over a year and a half later and here I sit with more nail stickers, provided by the loverly Lisamarie - am I an idiot for agreeing to do this all over again? What’s that saying? Fool me once, shame on you…Never mind, don't answer that...

I’m very pleased and very glad to say that my experience with the Sephora Nail Bling Stickers was a complete 180 from the previous experience. Not only did these stickers apply easily. They looked awesome and I received many compliments on them!

Sephora Nail Bling is a collection of nail art stickers in a range of textured bling effects. (8 designs currently) Each set contains 18 stickers in nine sizes.These easy-to-use appliqués create a dazzling 3-D nail art effect with a raised texture that you can feel.   

Lisamarie sent me the Black Rainbow set and I was so pleased when I saw the design.Tiny raised dots with all the colors of the rainbow adorn these black appliqué stickers.  
If you are a very tactile person…or live with one, then these nail stickers will either be a huge hit…or drive you crazy…or both! Mr. Sith (My Husband) and Darthypie (My almost 5 y.o. Son) are very tactile. When I applied the Sephora Nail Bling stickers to my nails both of them could NOT stop touching my nails. You know what? I kinda got obsessed with touching them as well. 

The directions to apply the Sephora Nail Bling were on the back of the package. The application was super easy. I did manage to get a crease in one nail, but that’s because I was not paying attention. Thankfully I was able to easily smooth it out.  The ends of the stickers filed off incredibly easy and I was left with perfectly shaped nail stickers that did not fold or curl or separate after filing. In fact, Sephora recommends covering the nail bling with a layer of clear polish after application. I think this helped a lot with the longevity of the wear. Please note that these Sephora Nail Bling stickers do not require you to fold over the excess sticker on the edge of the nail. I think that you could have fairly short nails and still be able to wear these!  At first the stickers felt strange on my nails but after a few minutes I was used to them and it was just like wearing regular nail polish.

More like wearing super awesome mega platinum first-class 3-D rainbow dot nail polish that is!   

I mean look at this - it’s so fun!  It’s so Disco! It’s so AWESOME! I loved wearing these Sephora Nail Bling Stickers. Not only did they last through 4 showers they lasted through multiple hand washings, buckling in and unbuckling Darthypie in his car seat, typing, typing and typing and just general wear and tear!  By day 5 they needed to come off.  The funny part was they were lifting by the cuticle and not by the tip of the nail... Shows you how well they stick on, huh?  I easily removed the stickers by soaking my fingers in warm water and then I peeled away stickers. I then used some nail polish remover to get rid of any remaining adhesive and I was happy to note that my underlying nail was not damaged at all. 
Do you NEED these? YES!  At a mere $8 CAD ($7 USD) these stickers are totally worth a night or two on the town. The 8 designs available are:
Black Flower
Black Rainbow
Gold Bubbles
Gold Leopard
Horizontal Zebra
Pink Zebra
Red Chip
White Basket Weave 

All are pretty and I for one am going to pick up the Black Flower nail stickers for New Years Eve!  You know, for when I sit at home watching Ryan Seacrest on TV with Mr. Sith because getting a sitter on New Year’s Eve is impossible. I asked Lisamarie to babysit but now she's not answering my calls...

- Elvira -


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous!

    Holli x

  2. I've tried one of these before, but it had a clear background, which I didn't really like. I have this design lying around so I might give it a try really soon! :)

  3. I loooove these patches!
    so a great mani to me!

  4. Love this Product!!!
    I wish I had a Sephora near me :(
    And I love the Pink Sith Blog :)
    Great review!

  5. WOW they are blingtastic. Loving Sephora at the moment especially their Moonbaked palette.

  6. OMG they sound GREAT!!! so glad these work, I've read so many "bleh" reviews on nail stickers I've turned away from them... but this review has me shifting sides again... lol

  7. These look so cool! I love the little raised bumps--so awesome looking.

  8. So cool! I wonder if they're sold in Italy too..

  9. Thanks for the post! I think I will try them for my Christmas party

  10. your turned out very nice...i also did a review of this item and it didnt last nearly as long

  11. I need these in my life *____* the rainbow colours are cool enough, but the raised dots? I would be caressing my nails all day like a creeper! *foams at the mouth*

  12. They're not a pain to apply and wear well?

    On top of being so, so D-I-S-C-O?

    Sephora's gonna see me tomorrow, yes ma'am!

  13. They're awesome. Where can i purchase them and how much?


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