October 23, 2012

Bad Fashion is Forever at Dolce & Gabbana's Show and Skyfall Premiere

It took quite a strong reaction to Dolce & Gabbana's latest show to make me come out of my blogging semi-retirement, but that collection was of such poor taste, that I felt I had to: this dated plantation imagery has now become offensive. Granted that it doesn't take that much to cause me displeasure: white socks worn with sandals, Uggs & Crocs in any shape or form, and even Lisamarie's cooking, yes, all of that is pretty offensive to me.

But this D&G collection crossed the line of taste and common sense by showing a group of all-white models wearing dresses adorned with black women, plantation style, and accessorized with earrings in the same style (yes, those ugly dangling things are little black women-shaped earrings).
The plantation style has already inspired a few - equally bad and corny - D & G collections, so it's getting old and stale, but worst of all, it's getting stupid and sad...

Speaking of sad, tonight's SkyFall Premiere in London was a fashion miss. The two beautiful Bond girls looked like this:
Via Dailymail.co.uk

Naomie Harris (left) wore a dress that looked so cheaply made, that it probably WAS,  you know.  To be fair, it still looks better than the D&G collection!
As for Berenice Marlohe (right): despite my unconditional love for shiny things, this is more shine (and fabric) than I can ever bear.


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