November 8, 2012

Test Driving Garnier Nutrisse Mousse Nourishing Colour Foam

Garnier Nutrisse Mousse Nourishing Colour Foam - $10.49 - so the spiel is that it offers all the convenience of mousse application with the coverage of a cream with muti-dimensional colour and 100% grey coverage. The product is just like magic - it starts as a mousse - for ease of application and no dripping - and then transforms into a cream when applied to dry hair - which improves the absorption - and then turns back into a mousse to make it easier to rinse out.

As with anybody who colours with red, you end up doing it more often then you might with any other colour because it fades really fast so I'm very accustomed to hair colour just not that experienced with these new foam colours.

On the plus side it covers and saturates the hair well and the foam does make for an easy application with no dripping.

As for the negative, after it was sitting on my head for about 10 minutes it started dripping down my neck which was most unpleasant. I don't know if that means I applied too much or it forgot to turn back into a mousse!
 Before: you can see lots of dark roots and super faded colour...
After: the roots are gone and the colour is vibrant with lots of different tones.

Overall I liked my mousse experience and would give it another go!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I like the concept of color foam but this one in particular fades VERY quickly.

  2. I love the color you chose but wonder why it was drippy? The tones are noticeable and that's something I've found to be lacking in 'at-home' color products. Great review!

    1. I suspect it is some sort of Garnier torture method developed for the enemy that we are being used as the unwitting test subjects for...


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