August 2, 2013

Marmalade the cat goes snap happy with the HTC One!

Greeting furless ones - Marmalade the cat here - I understand that you have been missing me and I don't blame you but I haven't really had anything to tell you about lately. With my extreme beauty there aren't many products worthy of my notice, until a company was wise enough to send me something to capture it with - an HTC One Smartphone. The phone part of it doesn't interest me so much, when cats want to communicate we make our calls from the top of the back fence at night - what makes the HTC One interesting is the camera aspect which offers pictures that are as sharp, clear and as richly colourful as those you would find on a regular camera. There was also some bla-bla about large, light-sensitive pixels but I saw something shiny and stopped paying attention - so let's just say it takes really pretty pictures - I was told it would be especially good for fashion pics and what better fashion is there then fur so I got some of my friends to model for me...
As you can see I live by the adage to always be the best looking one in your group of friends...
And since my friends all seem to be black and white this gives you an idea of how colour comes out.
It takes nice pictures in all kinds of light - here I am scoping the field for lunch mice!
It also does panoramic shots really easily.
Low level light and panoramic.
And even lying on my back checking out good climbing spots!
And of course what good is a camera phone that doesn't take a decent selfie...?!
The only thing it doesn't do is stop your stupid brother from photo-bombing you...
and totally taking over the shot - I swear I'm adopted!
HTC One needs to think about releasing this with meow commands though - it's a real bitch to operate without thumbs!

- Marmalade the cat -

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  1. Tee-hee, I love this post! Marmalade looks so fluffy and soft! :-)


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