August 31, 2013

Pore perfection with Neutrogena and Avon!

You can't get rid of your pores but you can make them look a lot less noticeable by keeping them clean which helps the skin look smoother, more even toned and with that, younger!

Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Scrub - 200ml - $10.99 - cleanses without stripping skin's natural moisture, is gentle enough for daily use and is clinically proven to reduce the look of pores up to 50% in just 2 weeks!

Neutrogena Pore Refining Gel Cleanser - 198ml - $10.99 - use everyday to sweep away dead surface skin and smooth over rough patches without stripping away skin's natural moisture.

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner - 250ml - $10.99 - visibly reduces the appearance of pores and refines skin with an oil-free alpha and beta hydroxy formula to sweep away dead surface skin without drying out skin and is dermatologist-tested to deliver visible results.

Available at food, drug and mass merchandisers across Canada.
Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub - 75ml - $7.99 - provides a deep clean that leaves skin feeling revitalized.

Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Cooling Toner - 250ml - $7.99 - controls oil and cools skin with chamomile while leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Avon Clearskin Black Mineral Mask - 75ml - $6.99 - with a unique formula that changes from black to white as it dries and has a cooling sensation as the mask starts to tighten and draw out pore-clogging dirt and oil like a magnet. Contains oil-absorbing, lightly scented mineral clay that leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

Avon Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip - 30ml - $14 - goes on liquid and peel off dry in about 20 minutes to remove pore-clogging dirt and oil instantly! Can be used up to twice a week around nose, forehead, T-zone and chin.

What makes this better then the usual strips is because it goes on liquid you get total contact with the area you are treating unlike strips which don't necessarily adhere perfectly which means that they miss spots!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -


  1. The liquid pore strips sound awesome! I love the paper ones but they never fit right!

  2. I'll have to try Neutrogena's daily scrub if I can find it in stores... thanks!

  3. I need to check these products out!

  4. Anyone have the pore penatrating invigorating scrub who live in Brampton or Mississauga or toronto I actually didn’t no they discontinued and was the only product tht helped my skin I believe representatives of Avon might have


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