August 7, 2013

This week I'm obsessed with... Philosophy Time In A Bottle!

One of my favourite things in life are beauty products that let me pretend I am a scientist - I imagine I am in a lab full of bubbling potions wearing a white coat as I invent the cure for wrinkles...

I might not have invented this one but I still like it:

Philosophy Time In A Bottle Daily Age-Defying Serum - 40ml - $76 - with a high-potency vitamin C8 activator - an efficient form of vitamin C  and a dna renewal complex containing an exclusive lipasome that combines four complementary enzymes that work to help promote skin's natural renewal process from all major types of skin dna damage - and together offer significant protection of cells against free radicals.

What gets the science geek in me excited it that you get to mix them together yourself which is not only fun, means that the active ingredients in the formula are at peak potency! Just pour in the activator (you even get a tiny little Barbie funnel) and give it a good shake - the white serum turns pink and it's ready to go!

As if getting to mix it together wasn't enough, it also does stuff  - it helps skin appear radiant, poreless, even and smooth, firm and wrinkle free! I've been using it for about a month now and my skin is soft, radiant and smooth, another 4 weeks and I should see the full benefits.

Available now exclusively at Sephora - come January 2014 you'll also fine it at select Shoppers Drug Mart and The Bay stores.

- Lisamarie -


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