January 26, 2010

Mo' Hair, No Problem!

Oh Mo'nique, how I like your Bravado! She looked groomed and polished at the latest Golden Globes, until she decided to show her hairy legs. If she feels fine that way, then why not? I'm secretly praying for that look to be fashionable one day, although the way we're going these days is quite the opposite: even men shave and wax as much as we do now. Sigh. So just in case you tried to pull a Mo'nique and it didn't work, here are a couple of products I tried:

This shaving cream from  Kiss My Face ($8.99) leaves your skin feeling smooth. This cream has no artificial colors and I do like the Vanilla scent. Most of all, I like the price!

No-Heat Gel Hair Remover from Sally Hansen ($8)
The good part: it works like wax, except you can't burn yourself and you can wash it away with water, so no more sticky mess and it's pretty cheap too.
The bad part: Well, I still made a mess because it's so gooey. It still requires quite a bit of work to use, so don't believe the 3 minutes hair removal promise. Most of all, I could not pull the hair properly with this cold wax.   I just got fed up and finished the job with my Braun Silk-epilWould I buy it again? No, I think I 'm done with no-heat gel removers; warm wax and epilators are still far superior!



  1. I've also entered the world of at home waxing recently. It's a horrible place that leaves me sticky and hairy. If warm wax actually works, I'm willing to try it.

  2. Warm wax is great, but you can't do it in a hurry. So it's good to use an epilator as well for touch-ups of if you're traveling.


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