January 19, 2010

Chanel Le Vernis Particulière - worthy of the hype?

Ever since I posted about the Chanel Spring 2010 - Les Impressions de Chanel collection here, I have been keeping an eye out when passing by the Chanel counter hoping to get my hands on a bottle of the Le Vernis in Particulière.  I didn't want a repeat of the Noir Ceramic debacle where I ended up buying it off Ebay for a ridiculous amount of money.  My persistence paid off yesterday, the collection still wasn't out but the Chanel counter lady was there so I asked her if she knew when it would appear.  She told me February but that she would be happy to take my name and number and call me when it was ready.  As I was writing the info down for her I let her know that I really wanted a certain nail polish and could she hold one for me? That's when I found out that the collection was right there in her drawer, she just didn't have testers for it yet, but if I knew what I wanted, she would be happy to let me have it right then - SCORE!

I love that I got my hands on one but that may be all that I love about the polish, I'm not sure where all the hype is coming from other then from crazy people like me that have been drooling at the thought of it.  It's a grayish brown or beige or taupe, depending on your interpretation of the term.  In certain lights I see a mauveyness to it and also a khaki-ishness.  I keep thinking Putty would have been a better name for it.  I have no idea why since putty is off-white/grayish - this would be why I'm not in charge of naming nail polish!

l'm not sorry I bought it, I will wear it and possibly it will grow on me.  And when people ask me what shade I am wearing on my nails I will be able to say - It's that new Chanel colour that's all the rage, you know the one that you can't find for love or money...

 - Lisamarie -

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