January 25, 2010

Purple is the new red this Valentine's Day at Jacob!

Sick of red and white being "the" colours for V-Day?  Jacob hears you and this year you can colour your love purple!  And please don't play into that silly tradition where he buys YOU the lingerie as YOUR present.  This year be smart, buy it yourself and make it his present - I mean let's be serious, it is for his benefit...

No Valentine?  No reason not to buy yourself a sexy present.  You don't want to be like Christelle sitting on your couch wearing a flannel robe and sweat socks eating a giant heart shaped box of chocolates while you watch reruns of "The Bachelor" and sob pathetically...

You never know, the hot UPS man could show up with a special delivery for you and if you're wearing this racy number, he may never leave!

In stores this Friday (January 29th)!

Demi-cup Bra $34
Lace Brazilian $16
Lace Corset $89 - if there is any guaranteed way to make a man drool, a corset is it!
  Lace Hipster $20
If you're not such a purple girl, there are some other adorable pieces: Polka-dot Demi Cup Bra $34
Polka-dot and lace brazilian $16
Polka-dot garter skirt $29 - which in my books is sheer genius - a garter belt that will cover my hips - you know a woman designed this one!

Jacob Lingerie is forecasting a colourful spring - mint and honeydew greens; papaya orange and pineapple yellow; grapefruit pink and coconut white - anyone else hungry for fruit salad right now?  Lace will play a big part along with soft, transparent fabrics with ruffles, chiffons and netting - romantic collections with a boudoir feel and cheeky personality.

 - Lisamarie -

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