April 6, 2010

American Apparel: Certainly not Worth Rioting for!

What is wrong with this world? War? AIDS? Cheetos? The fact that Meryl Streep hasn't won an Oscar in 15 years? Yes, to all of that and one more thing: rioting for American Apparel sales. Really people, you're fighting to get into a store that sells crap like these American Apparel leggings that look like your grandma's wallpaper circa 1958? Apparently that's what happened in London during American Apparel's sales yesterday (see VIDEO below). These people were fighting over this:

Can we at least riot for something interesting or worthwhile? Less taxes, more money, or even Alexander McQueen's dresses? Instead of fighting over a pile of overpriced rags? Thank you.



  1. i am so with you. this is very sad, actually. to me, there's nothing special about most AA clothing (although i do love their hoodies. so soft!). and it's such a hipster label that i see it on someone everyday, which has really turned me off the label.


  2. Don't even get me started with their ugly ads...their models often look 12 yes old...it's creepy.


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