April 30, 2010

Are we ever ready for some Instant Sun Light from Clarins! Summer 2010 Collection

After a winter that seemed to last forever I am so ready for some Instant Sun Light and Clarins Summer Make-up Collection!  It was inspired by spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, coriander, paprika and saffron which are intended to give you a intoxicating, sensual feel while you wear them!  I'm ready to take the spice journey, how about you?
You know how much I love a beautiful palette and this one doesn't disappoint - Limited Edition Instant Sun Light Eye Quartet & Liner Palette - $40 - 4 warm and spicy shades decorated with a shimmery gold star anise flower.  Here is one of the application suggestions:

Using the blending applicator, apply pearly ginger (1) over the whole top lid to illuminate eyes, Iridescent cinnamon (2) blends into pearly ginger for a soft, shaded effect.  For deep smouldering eyes, apply matte cocoa (3) to the outer corner of eyes.  Add a touch of light to the brown bone with sparkling paprika (4).  The eyes are emphasized with a stroke of metallic nutmeg eyeliner (5).

Limited Edition Instant Smooth Compact Highlighter - $40 - uses the magic of Instant Smooth to give a flawlessly beautiful complexion!  Smooths and evens the skin while giving an instant healthy-glow effect.  Comes in 2 shades:  No.01 Natural, a luminous golden peach to boost radiance and enhance the complexion or No.02 Bronze, a vibrant golden caramel, perfect for warming the complexion or enhancing a natural tan.

Limited Edition Instant Sun Light Click & Gloss SPF6 - $20 - No.01 Vanilla - pearly beige with subtle gold reflections, No.2 Coral - sparkling pink coral, No.03 Cinnamon - subtle brown with pink reflections - has a delicious fruity flavour, based on raspberry with a hint of vanilla - my mouth is watering already!  Melting, transparent-coloured, sparkling texture in a click pen providing softness and comfort with a cocktail of lip care ingredients.

Limited Edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm - $27 -  No.01 Crystal coral - sparkling orange, No.02 Crystal - tender pink, No.03 Crystal red - pure red for a "bitten lips" effect - I think these are the cutest things ever, they remind me of jello!  All the benefits of every type of lipstick combined in one tube:  the shape and smooth application of a classic lipstick, the transparency of a gloss, the subtle colour of a sheer lipstick and the comfort of a lip balm.  It does not contain wax like a traditional lipstick which makes the formula both light and comfortable and its colours are plant-based.

Wonder Waterproof Mascara - $27 - Limited Edition Colour No.03 Wonder Violet - a pure, intense violet for captivating eyes.  Ultra-resistant and highly volumizing.  They are flawlessly coated, curled, incredibly beautiful and protected against water, sebum and tears.  Brazil palm leaf wax preserves lash suppleness and helps colour stay in place.

Waterproof Eye Pencil - $25 - No.02 Bronze - easy to apply and perfectly resists water.  Soft and supple texture means it can be applied a an eyeliner or as an eye shadow.  Has a foam applicator tip on one end for blending and shading.  Contains jojoba oil for moisture.

Fix' Make-Up - 30ml - $30 - Just what you need for those summer days - something to help your make-up stay in place!  Prevents make-up from running, revives colour radiance and matifies the complexion for hours.  It has a refreshing texture and invigoration fragrance, with grapefruit extract to bring an instant feeling of well-being.  Contains an anti-dehydrating agent to leave skin perfectly soft and supple.

I'll be taking a trip to my Clarins counter this weekend to check it out!

- Lisamarie -

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