January 7, 2011

Andrew Christian has a solution for shrinkage!

How many times have you heard your guy friends complain about picking up some girl at a dark club, taking her home and finding out that most of what her tank top was promising turned out to be a lie thanks to the wonder of the padded bra!  Equality has finally arrived on the bar scene - purveyors of male flesh can now also be disappointed by his (lack of) junk thanks to designer Andrew Christian who is taking male underwear to the next level with his Shock Jock Briefs which come equipped with “a soft hidden cup, sculpted into a penis shape (available in black or white models), that add around 2 inches to a guy's little (soon to be not so little) friend.  No longer will the time honoured disappointed sigh that occurs when the clothes come off be just the domain of less endowed women, now men will also be able to enjoy how it feels to really let somebody down! Power to the padding!  I haven't seen them anywhere around Toronto but you will all be relieved to know that you can pick them up online at: http://www.andrewchristianshop.com/

Guys, think how much easier (and more hygienic) this will be then shoving dirty socks, cucumbers (Spinal Tap should not be providing you with fashion tips) and other assorted produce down there!

- Lisamarie -


  1. lol this is hilarious; I never thought someone would actually design something like this for men!

  2. My guess would be that they're not actually for straight men... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Hahahaha this has potential for disappointment written all over it.


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