May 19, 2011

Does Beyonce Run the World?

Beyonce debuts her new video "Run the World": it's visually interesting, the styling is amazing as usual and again...I don't care for this song. I find the hook even slightly annoying but I'm sure it will catch on like fire in Lisamarie's kitchen!



  1. i'm not really a fan of the song when i first heard it, but i Love the vid! the choreography is amazing!

  2. The song sounded very MIA to me, different than what I am used to from Beyonce, which is cool.

  3. Amazing! Love the vid & song... Beyonce looks amazing, and slimmer than normal, looks like she dropped some weight (not that she needed to- because she always looks gorgeous). This vid reminds me a the later beyonce/destinys child videos with a gaga influence.

  4. i do have some greater tracks using that crazy beat , so i dont like this . if she would at least change the beat slightly but is 100 % orginal Pon Di Floor, so this song its useless .

  5. as for style . she does looks good, but i love Beyonce more in her baby boy/noughty girl style . this is crazy Gaga style, that is big turn off for me :(

    I do love her moves at 0:40 . kinda reminds me Aaliyah's dance in Queen of the damned :)


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