May 5, 2011

Something Borrowed's perfect Dex - Colin Egglesfield!

It's been a busy and exciting month here at Beauty Crazed between running the contest for the Something Borrowed preview screening tickets and of course waiting for the chance to see one of my favourite books brought to life! Me and all of our lucky winners from across Canada saw the movie last night and it was awesome! Many of our contest winners have been kind enough to drop us a line and let us know what they thought and they agree, the movie rocked!

I have to admit I was a touch worried, it doesn't take much to turn a great book into a bad movie: bad actor choices, crap direction or totally changing the book's original plot, can leave fans of the book disappointed and/or angry but that wasn't an issue here - they kept pretty true to the book with just a bit of artistic license to keep the plot moving. I might even go so far as to say that I liked the movie a bit better because I don't recall the book awakening any serious emotion in me but the movie made me want to tell Rachel to stop being a mouse, Darcy to stop being a narcissistic egomaniac, Dex to stop being a wishy-washy douche and Ethan - well Ethan I just wanted to put in my pocket and take home with me, he is so awesome!

The Toronto movie goers were really lucky to have Colin Egglesfield (Dex) show up for the preview and answer some viewer questions at the end, not to mention give an admirable performance of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire after someone asked if anyone had ever told him he looks like Tom Cruise. Hot with a sense of humour, I was sold!

But it gets better! I was also asked if I would like to interview Colin - um, hellz ya I would! So I made my way to Yorkville today to have a little chat with my new love interest. Of course he couldn't trust himself to be alone in a room with me so we had a few film bloggers chaperon us - and I just want to point out that when he came into the room there were 2 empty chairs and he chose to sit in the one next to me, just sayin'.

Now it's hard to think of intelligent things to say when a major hunk is sitting that close to you but I am always thinking of my dear readers and I knew you guys would want to know stuff and not just what Colin smells like (really good)!

He took us though the casting process for his role in Something Borrowed, where he was never quite sure up until the very end that he had the role, what it was like to work with Ginnifer and Kate - who have very different styles for getting ready for a part and how he prepared for the role.  What I really liked hearing was his motivation for wanting the part of Dex - he thought it was a lot more interesting to play a part of a character that was flawed and screwed up and where he could also relate to some of the challenges that Dex faced; always expected to do the right thing and not make waves even if doing so wasn't necessarily the thing that would make him happy.

My big earth shaking question was if you really had the choice between a Rachel and a Darcy, who would be more your type?  Colin answered that while he likes aspects of both girls - Darcy with her outgoing, life of the party attitude would break him out of his shell but would also be difficult to connect with on an intimate level because she is so all over the place, so he would be more likely to go for Rachel as relationship material.

He was then whisked away by his PR people but not before taking a picture with me, as you can see from the pic, he is totally into me!
My tip, if you are going to meet celebrities, do it before they become really famous and are all jaded and cynical - Colin was gracious, enthusiastic and very sweet to everyone - if he thought the whole thing was a chore, he did an excellent job of hiding it and making us feel like he was totally stoked to be talking to us!

So go see Something Borrowed - it opens tomorrow, and make sure you stay for the credits - there's a teaser in there for the sequel, Something Blue, which has yet to be made but will be as long as the first one does well! So as Colin said, go see it 5 times!

Many thanks to Warner Brothers for giving so many of our readers the chance to check out Something Borrowed in advance and to Colin for making time for me - call me and if my husband answers, pretend to be the repair guy, k?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I enjoyed the movie so much, the trailer honestly didn't do it justice!!! It was almost the perfect chick flick, all the right emotions were tugged, but I didn't cry ='[ There were scenes I was going to, tears welled up and ready to fall... but didn't get to, because the scene changed.. Thank you for the opportunity to see this movie in advance ^^ I didn't think there would be so many people, I thought I would be able to pick out the beauty bloggers in an instant.

    It's nice knowing Colin smells good =D lol he's a very handsome man!!! The picture of you two is absolutely adorable!!! xoxo btw ethan was my fave too =D

  2. I wish we had seen you Steph! Elaine even won one of the giveaway prizes, Meredith and Fiona were there too!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Awww...we missed meeting up with you Steph? Yeah I won that last prize they gave away!!!

    Thanks so much for the tickets Lisamarie, I had a BLAST!! I'm going to watch it again next week :) You and Colin make a GREAT couple but I have to say you and your husband make a FABULOUS one ;)

  4. i had so much fun last night! thanks for hosting the contest :).

    by the time the london scene came around, i was REALLY rooting for ethan and rachel to get together! dex's indecisiveness was just frustrating. he's lovely to look at, though :p.

    i'm looking forward to you and colin naming your future child after me ;).

  5. I enjoyed the movie so much! So glad I got to go with you girls!

  6. congrats elaine ^^ you won the last prize? OMG that means we were sitting on the same side of the theatre =D

  7. I had a really great time. Colin is quite the stunner! Thank you so much for the tickets!

    And you're right .. I AM jealous. Just look at how Colin is resting his head on yours. *Sigh*

    Amazing movie! I will do as Colin said and watch it again :)

  8. I'm so freaking jealous! Colin is SO cute!

    Lisamarie conveniently locked me in her basement that evening ..."by accident", right!



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