May 30, 2011

Did you win? If you did, I guess you would already know that - so here, come be envious of everyone who did!

I know, I know, I am very bad at remembering to announce winners - you see I like to wait until the prize actually arrives with the winner and Canada Post likes to take it's sweet time so by the time this happens I'm just so excited by whatever new contest we have on the go that I forget all about the old one - bad me!  So here's a great big list of all of our winners since the last time I remembered to do this!

Holiday C. from Burnaby, BC won the crapload of nail polish contest - and now has enough polish to paint her car!

The Dalton Cosmetics lipgloss contest had 5 lucky winners: Meredith K., Stephanie N., Elaine A. - all from Toronto, ON, Bailey M. from Midland, ON and Melanie F. from Saint Eustache, QC!

Tracy D. from Calgary, AB  won the eyeshadow contest and now has enough eyeshadow to tart up every showgirl in Vegas!

Anh N. from Montreal, QC and I spent some quality time in the shower after she won The Body Shop Shower Challenge!

Jenny W. from Montreal, QC was the very lucky winner of the Spring Makeup bonanza contest!

Harshleen K. from Hillsboro, OR won the Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? book and $50 Sephora GC contest!

Donna G. from Winnipeg, MB won the contest for the Spa Week gift certificate and enough FIJI water to take a bath in!

Wow, we give away a lot of crap! You would think there would be nothing left in the universe to give away for don't you worry - there's more!  So be sure to enter the contests we have going on now:

Everyone can take a crack at our Foundation Contest - if you've got something to hide, this will do it!

and Canadian ladies should get themselves bikini ready and enter our Andrea Professionals hair removal contest - over $100 worth of every kind of hair removal you could ever want!

And keep checking back - we give stuff away all the time - it's a sickness!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Thanks for hosting all these awesome giveaways!!! I think I have enough of makeup to last me a year! ^^

  2. Congrats to all, especially Bailey, as it's the only girl in the lot I know!

    Glad to see some girls from Quebec won!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  3. Thanks again for the eyeshadows..I did share them with a follower & she was thrilled to get some too :)


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