May 10, 2011

Why I Love British Pop Stars: Gold Uggs, Purple Pants and Bouffants!

Cheryl Cole is already a tiny lady but these magic purple pants have swallowed her feet making her look even shorter! Also, for someone who didn't have much hair a few years ago, her mope has certainly grown! Beware America, the new X factor judge (who by the way cannot sing LIVE) is coming to get you with her amazing talent (cough)...and fashion sense (cough)!

Lisamarie and I have at least one thing in common: our deep, deep, very deep hatred of UGGS shoes. There is only one thing worse than UGGS and it's GOLD UGGS. What...on earth? I would not even spend Monopoly money on this crap.

Perhaps, Mel B could accessorize these ridiculous boots with a survival blanket and a tinfoil hat. Now, I would spend my Monopoly money to see that!



  1. haha i don't think i've ever seen a negative comment about cheryl cole before, makes a nice change!

  2. lol you guys crack me up! I have a deep dislike for UGGS too they are so UGLY!

  3. Oh! Mel C is hideous! I somehow love what Cheryl is wearing, but not paired toghether... I guess they are ok on their own.

  4. Right you are! You'll have to excuse Christelle, she gets her letters confused!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. Oh no no NO! These are just awful! I'll pretend I didn't see these pictures!


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