May 20, 2011

From Cannes to London: a Week of Intoxicating Fashion with Lady Gaga!

This week Lady Gaga looked like a matador on acid in Cannes and launched yet another trend a couple of days later while traveling through London: My Little Pony accessories!

It's so, so cruel. Who could hurt such a magnificent creature in the name of "fashion"? I wonder how many Little Ponies had to die for this horrible necklace (and let's not tell Lisamarie because that would just make her weep).

Broken toys around your neck? Yeah, I believe the day Gaga will run out of ideas is approaching...



  1. Aww so sad I love my little ponies!!

  2. omg she popped the head off those cute darlings!? I'm liking her less and less >=(

  3. Haha I kind of love the My Little Pony heads XD really not digging the no-brow look though, it scares me tbh.

  4. That My Little Pony necklace was a gift from a fan, I believe.

  5. Her nails look dangerous, haha.


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