September 16, 2011

Sally Hershberger - elusive but still wonderful!

Sally Hershberger was in town last week for TIFF and I came soooo close to having her style my hair - how many people get to say that Sally touched their hair - well celebrities do of course, but normal people like me, never! Unfortunately, due to weather in New York, Sally's flight was delayed and I missed out. Luckily, the charming James was there to give me the star treatment and introduce me to Sally's latest product:

Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Argan Serum - $15.99 -contains a unique blend of argan oil infused with a superfruit Indian gooseberry (amala oil) and rice bran oils to revitalize, rejuvenate, hydrate, soften and brighten the hair with instant smoothing and cuticle resurfacing to prevent split ends; also contains a power frizz complex with high tech co-polymer for superior humidity proofing even during high humidity conditions for longer lasting frizz-free style; and sun protection for colour protection with natural sunscreen and anti-oxidants. Can be used on damp hair as an oil treatment to revitalize and rejuvenate hair with supreme frizz-control, or on dry hair to smooth, define and brighten.

James and I also agreed that if I'm ever super rich, he will come to my house every day to do my hair. It's a bit of a commute from New York - but a great blowout is worth it!

Sally Hershberger products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -


  1. ooh, i've always seen the sally hershberger products at SDM, now i really gotta try some of them out!

  2. I have that too! I saw her at CityLine on Friday and this product was one of the freebies I received as an audience! LOve it! ;)

  3. Oh oh...after spending a small fortune on another Kerastase product I fear I need this too!


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