September 5, 2011

Test Driving lash extensions!

Curious about the big lash extension trend? I was too and luckily had Laura from BeFabulous Spa Studio as my guide to this wonderful new world!

Lash extensions have more variety than I knew - they come in all kinds of lengths, shapes and colours - so Laura had a good look at my lashes and asked me things like what colour mascara I use and whether I curl them or not so that she could give me extensions that would be the same as my results from mascara!

Here we are in progress, those are collagen pads under my eyes - she has applied just a few lashes but most of these are mine which gives you a good idea of the length difference between my lashes and the extensions - as you can see, they aren't a lot longer but certainly enough for a dramatic result! The extensions she used are synthetic mink, made of polyester. Laura let me know that most spas advertise synthetic mink as "Mink", but very few places use authentic mink, which is just as well, I don't want to smell like a wet animal after showering!
And here it is complete - gorgeous no?! It took about 90 minutes and wasn't the least bit painful or even uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, I even fell asleep a few times! As for cost - a full set by Laura, which is 50-60 lashes per eye, starts at $139. Eyelash extensions can last indefinitely with regular maintenance, which averages a visit every 3-4 weeks starting from $49 and up.
As you can see on this before, my lashes are super pale as to almost not be seen! With extensions, pow!
And here are the extensions open and closed - I'm not wearing anything except eyeshadow! I thought they might feel weird but I don't know that I'm wearing them unless I touch them - they aren't as soft as real lashes are - also when they get wet they all clump together.
Strangely, the aftercare for lash extensions have much the same rules as Gremlins:

Don't get them wet (for the first 24 hours); don't touch, pull or sleep on them in bright sunlight (or anywhere); and don't feed them oil based makeup or removers after midnight (or anytime)
You can find Laura and your beautiful new lashes at BeFabulous Spa Studio in Toronto - 107-2 College Street - 416-455-5300 -

- Lisamarie -


  1. They look gorgeous! I totally want to try them.

  2. Hi I have a friend who tried to do eyelash extension and she was very cute and did not use mascara for a while. I liked the result, but I'm afraid.

  3. I like my lashes soft hehe but I like the results

  4. Those look incredible! The whole staying away from oil based stuff sounds like a pain in the butt to me. I couldn't live without my oil cleanser I don't think.

  5. the results are amazing!!!!

    haha "don't feed them oil based make up..."

  6. WOW.....those are just magnificent!

    If only I had my son's eyelashes....*sigh*

  7. I got my lashes done recently at Danity Lash in Calgary. The service and professionalism was great and my lashes look awesome and more importantly to me, natural looking. Love Love Love them.


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