September 7, 2011

This week I'm obsessed with... Auspect Skin Care!

I've been on a skincare kick lately and have been checking out lots of different brands, many which I had never even heard of before - this is my favourite right now:

Auspect Skincare is the number one selling medical skincare range sold in Australia with a philosophy that they think differs from most in the cosmetic and skin care world - they believe in creating perfectly balanced, perfectly functioning skin that requires the least amount of product, time or effort from you. Their products are also free of what they term the "dirty dozen": artificial fragrance, fillers, chemical dyes, alcohol, parabens, animal testing, hormones, SLS, genetically modified derived ingredients, propylene glycol, formaldehyde and petroleum-based oils.

The products should be used twice a day, take less than 3 minutes to use and you will see skin you never believed possible and your skin will function like a finely tuned machine. If this sounds like how you'd like your skin life to be check out the:

Auspect Skincare Perfect Balance Kit - $69.95 - included in the kit:

Gentle Clean Cleanser - 100ml - organic coconut oil and sugar are blended together to create a gentle cleansing quality while natural vegetable glycerin and Canadian willowherb add soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties  - all to leave your skin beautifully smooth and soft.

What surprised me is how thin this cleanser is - almost liquid! I wasn't expecting it to do a good job for this reason but it leaves my skin clean without being tight feeling.

Vita-B Serum - 30ml - contains a proprietary complex of Homeostay-SEA - a blend of sea plant-based ingredients that protect against trans-epidermal water loss, fight free radicals, and calm and soothe the skin returning it to its perfect equilibrium; as well as a powerful B complex.

A very light serum in ingenious packaging - it has a swivel up top, I'm assuming to protect the contents from the air. I keep expecting it to smell citrus, I don't know why since it's not a Vitamin C serum - I guess because it's orange coloured. 

Hy-Res Daily Hydrator  - 13g - a unique delivery system of nutrients designed to hydrate, not moisturize, skin. Its function is to help your skin begin producing its own moisture once again, not sit on the surface as a coat and cover cream or traditional moisturizer. It also provides a broad spectrum of free radical defense from a high concentration of Resveratrol and a full range of mixed tocopherols (all different forms of Vitamin E and tocotrienols) skins need.

I didn't think I was going to use this, 4 steps seemed like a lot of products to be putting on my combination skin and I didn't think I would need this extra moisture but I actually have been using this on my non-oily bits (everything except t-zone). It seems thick but melts right into my skin making it feel very comfortable without being greasy.

Hydra Shield Environmental Protector - 30ml - a luxurious day treatment with natural, nourishing emollients and natural skin restructuring ingredients - make with intelligent emulsifiers that support the skin's natural barrier function, not weaken it: wheat germ, olive fruit oil, natural Squalance, jojoba, natural coconut oil, oat beta-glucan and turmeric root extract; as well as Astaxanthin, derived from red sea algae an extremely powerful free radical scavenger. Particularly well suited to take on sun created stressors.

A very light lotion type formula - but keep in mind, the name sounds like a sunscreen but it's not so you still need to wear one!

The interesting thing to me about more natural skincare products is the smell - I'm so used to products having fragrance added to mask the natural smells that you sometimes are left wondering if a natural product has gone off or if that is what it's supposed to smell like! This is one of the reasons that I am particularly drawn to the Auspect line - the products don't have any heavy perfumes, but they don't smell weirdly natural, some effort has been made to add natural fragrance to make the products smell natural and good!

I don't know about my skin functioning like a "finely tuned machine" but I can say that I've had no adverse effects to the line, no bumps, no breakouts or weird reactions. My skin is smooth and looks healthy, like a peach (but less fuzzy)!

You can find Auspect Skin Care at The Shopping Channel -

- Lisamarie -

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