November 9, 2011

Eye Love Wednesday - festive lashes from Benefit and Ardell!

Just in time for the holidays, Benefit has a new line of lashes - check out their Lash Lovlies:
Big Spender Lash - $18 - flared
Prima Donna Lash - $18 - finely crossed for great volume
Pin-Up Lash - $18 - varied length
Angel Lash - $18 - curled and precisely separated

Also available are individual lashes - Going Solo Lash - $18 and Lash Glue - $9
Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

If you're looking for something with equal holiday drama on an elf budget Ardell can help you out:
Elegant Eyes in Romantic - $7.29 - bedazzled to be extra festive
Fashion Lashes #120 - $6.29
Lash Accents #305 - $6.29
Fashion Lashes #109 - $6.29

They also carry individual lash kits and you can admire my results from the Ardell Duralash Starter Kit here!

Available most places you can find false lashes although annoyingly, Shoppers Drug Mart no longer carries the Ardell line. And it's just been pointed out to me hasn't forsaken me and do carry the line!

- Lisamarie -


  1. LOVE all the Benefit lashes, except for pin up. So lovely!

  2. I love more the #109 and #305

    Beautiful and not expesif !


  3. Nice!


  4. lovely lashes! I will look up some.

  5. I just need to figure out how to get them on!

  6. Wow love the benefit collection. Quite a drama and exuberant range.I have had a fascination for fake eyelashes for a long time now. I know these fake eyelashes posts are all old but I am just reading them all to find my ultimate budget friendly and easy to use eyelashes. I so totally suck at it and have never tried it before. Lisa any suggestions??

    1. If you are still deciding if you like them start with something cheap that you can play around with that way you aren't out too much $ if you decide false lashes aren't for you!

      Best, Lisamarie


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