November 15, 2011

Joico Structure puts an end to boring hair!

Joico has a new line of styling products and I'll tell you what I like most about them - with so many hair styling products out there, I often get confused about exactly what a product is supposed to do - with these ones I don't even need to think about it, its purpose is right there in its name! The 9 products in the line are:

Structure Foundation Hair Prep and Primer - 150ml spray - $19.99 - Hold Factor 0 - essential for preparing your hair for styling products. Creates the ideal base for styling by detangling hair and giving it moisture and shine without added weight.
Structure Glue Extreme Creme - 150ml tube - $19.99 - Hold Factor 5 - delivers the fiercest hold for your style. Perfect for freezing shapes and creating strong, gravity-defying looks.
Structure Paste Flexible Adhesive - 75ml pump - $19.99 - Hold Factor 4 - defines and creates texture with a firm but flexible hold and a completely matte finish. great for gritty, urban styles.
Structure Shape Texture Creme - 100ml jar - $19.99 - Hold Factor 3 - offers moldable texture with a semi-matte finish. Perfect for creating that "lived in" look.
Structure Adapt Texture Paste - 100ml jar - $19.99 - Hold Factor 3 - adds pliable definition with a medium hold and matte finish. Styles can be reshaped as desired for daylong creativity.
Structure Define Lightweight Shine Wax - 100ml jar - $19.99 - Hold Factor 1 - delivers light, flexible hold and separation with maximum shine. Ideal for those with short to medium-length hair desiring ultra glossy, textured looks that remain workable and supple.
Structure Twist Styling Gum - 100ml tube - $19.99 - Hold Factor 2 - gives the freedom of flexibility through moveable Texture, pliable hold and soft shine. Great for "just out of bed" hairstyles.
Structure Sculpt Styling Clay - 100ml tube - $19.99 - Hold Factor 2 - shapes your hair with pliable texture, definition and soft shine.
Structure Finish Instant Hold Hairspray - 350 ml aerosol spray - $19.99 - Hold Factor 4 - just the thing to complete your look and lock your style in place. Use as a last step for instant hold and control.

Available exclusively at salons - for more info on the line check out

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love Joico products! This line seems amazing!

  2. I like the way you discourage people from giving bad comments :-))))) good one
    I love Joico ))) and the new Revitalux and Structure line are the greatest, to bad no more ICE in Holland but structure will do just fine!!!


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