November 23, 2011

This week I'm obsessed with... Degree with motionSense!

I know fall is a strange time of year to become enamored of an anti-perspirant - for most people it's a summer thing - but come fall I seem to become a much smellier person - I'll blame it on all the wool!

Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSense - 48g - $3.99 and Degree Women Clinical with motionSense - 48g - $8.99 - have become my new fall faves and have made me a much more pleasant (smelling) person to be around! Basically how this motionSense thing works is not only does it activate with moisture but also with movement - little motion activated micro-capsules sit on the surface of the skin, once friction takes place at the underarm, the capsules break and release little bursts of freshness throughout the day - how cool is that!?! If you think about how much you move it makes sense to have this kind of back up system, I mean how long can the scent in your anti-perspirant possibly last after you put it on but when you have it refreshing itself throughout the day, it gives you another level of protection against being stinky - the people you travel home on the subway with thank you for it!

Both types come in two scents: Active Clean and Fresh Energy and I will admit to being partial to the Fresh Energy scent which I think smells, well fresher!

Check them out for yourself at food, mass and drug stores everywhere!

- Lisamarie -

1 comment:

  1. interesting product!
    micro-capsules... for some reason I'm thinking of exfoliation scrubs..


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