November 7, 2011

Metallic marvels from Nails Inc., Sleek MakeUP, Pür Minerals and mark. - swatches!

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square - $18 - contains a magic magnet that easily adds a funky design to your nails!
I am the least "nail artistic" person you will ever meet in your life. I marvel at people who can create little designs on their nails! So when products like shatters and this little beauty come out, I'm thrilled because it means even someone as un-artisticly inclined, such as myself, can have cool looking nails!

It's incredibly simple to use - you apply one thin coat to all the nails then go back and apply a thicker coat and while still wet, hold it up to the magnet in the cap for 15 seconds. The thicker the coat, the more dramatic the result - as you can see left to right - I made the coat a little thinner each time to see how it would look. It also comes in a purple and a teal and you can be assured they will be coming home with me!

This is actually the first beauty product that I've brought into the house that interested my husband - he went on for ages about metals and ions and I don't know what, I stopped listening - I did hear the part where he cautioned me not to chew on my nails with this on - nail biters take note!

Available at Sephora and
Sleek MakeUP Molton Metal - $10.50 - Steel & Ash is the latest edition to the line - it promises to be a cream shadow with high pigmentation to give you a silver metallic look without creasing - a claim of which I must admit I was skeptical so of course I had to try it!
I won't argue with how metallic they look on or how pigmented they are they are all of this - but what about creasing? I used a primer under the right eye, nothing under the left.
Five hours later and you can see that a primer is definitely a necessity with these. There is some fading of colour on the primer side but actually not bad for my usual experience with cream eyeshadows - this one is a great find and a fraction of the price of what I have paid for luxe brands hoping they would impress me!

Available online at (and yes, they do ship to Canada!)
Pür Minerals Liquid Metal Eye Shadow Sticks Set - $28 - set of four molten metallic hues: true cobalt, steel envy, midnight chrome and iced bronze - with iridescent shimmer - smudge-proof and water-resistant formula that also works as an exceptional eyeliner.
 Midnight Chrome has nice shine and sparkle.
 Steel Envy has a lovely teal-ish look to it.
Iced Bronze seems almost plummy.
True Cobalt I blended out a bit more just to see if I could get more of a wash effect - you can but it takes a way a lot of the metallic look of it.

I think I would be more likely to wear these as liners rather than full-on eyeshadows - this look is a little dramatic for daytime wear (or at least the kind of day job I have)! I didn't bother with a whole bunch more creasing pictures but they will crease just like every other cream shadow but much less with a primer underneath.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and The Shopping Channel -
mark. Earn Your Metal Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner - 1.7ml - $12 - a precision liquid liner that lasts up to 12 hours and comes in two shades: Liquid Gold and Silverado.
I tried liquid gold and as a self-proclaimed liquid eyeliner spaz, this one is not a bad choice because the colour does not demand a precise line. As you can see, I managed to get it all over my lashes too - I was going to fix that but decided it was actually kind of cool and very festive! I added a bit of black eyeliner to the bottom because there was no definition without it and I had a kind of albino bunny look once the gold took the drama of the black mascara away. This one will be attending some holiday parties with me!

Available until December from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

How are you liking metallic makeup and what items do I absolutely need to add to my makeup bag?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Who won the Givenchy giveaway?

  2. Midnight chrome looks beautiful!

  3. Agreed! The midnight chrome is lovely but I think I would probably wear it as an evening liner.


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