November 10, 2011

Test Driving Under Armour Charge RC Running Shoes!

You're probably wondering what a self-proclaimed coach potato such as myself is doing testing out something crazy like running shoes. I'll be the first to admit - I hate exercise and think running is something that should only be done if you are being chased by something large and hairy with sharp teeth. Sadly my metabolism has brought the sad fact to my attention that I can no longer lie on the couch all day watching Real Housewives marathons and eating Cheetos with impunity. So yes I run - well it's more like spurts of jogging followed by long periods of drunken-like stumbling and panting! This of course is done out of the public eye in my basement on a treadmill in front of Sex & The City.

Other than watching tv while I exercise, the other thing that motivates me is cute workout clothes. My husband despairs when we go shopping for running shoes, I buy them based on which one has the colour I like the best, he seems to think that I should worry more about performance - pshaw! But for once we can agree on a shoe that is pretty and functional: Under Armour Charge RC Running Shoes - $149.99 - in sizes 5 - 11 (with half sizes 5.5-10.5) - is a super light trainer that only weighs 8.5 ounces but feels very supportive and cushiony.

Here's all the technical crap: exclusive UA Micro G® foam cushioning is light, bouncy & super-responsive; zonal UA Compression hugs the foot & promotes power; built-in Carbon Spring Plate maximizes energy return; ultra-light MPZ® toe & tongue pads protect your feet; HeatGear® fabric wicks moisture for cool, dry performance; and carbon & blown rubber outsole delivers cushioning, traction & durability.

All I know is that they are incredibly comfy - once you break that in that is. The first few days I wore them they were a bit stiff and rubbed me the wrong way in a couple of spots but once they started conforming to my feet, it's really like not wearing shoes at all! The other nice thing about them is they don't make my feet sweat the way my last runners did as they are well ventilated even on the bottoms. I do wonder if that means you would get wet feet if you wore them outside when it was raining but since I would never actually go outside and exercise where people would see my red, sweaty face, I'm not too fussed.

You can check them out for yourself and/or order a pair at:

All this talking about exercise has exhausted me, I'm headed to the couch to recoup!

- Lisamarie -

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