April 1, 2014

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin keeps you dry AND moisturized - crazy right?!?

After the crappiest winter ever I don't think there is a single part of my body that isn't totally dry, flaky and looking like every bit of moisture has been sucked out of it! And while slathering on moisturizer of some sort from head to toe is a normal daily thing, does anyone ever really think about armpits needing moisture too?! They do and you can get it easily at the same time you are applying your antiperspirant with:

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin Antiperspirant - $2.99 - in both a solid and roll-on with an invisible formula that contains over 30% skin conditioning agents including Vitamin E to nourish your delicate underarm skin but still with extra-effective 24 hour wetness protection so there is no need to sacrifice the protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant.

I must admit that deodorant is not something I generally put a lot of thought into buying I usually just go with whatever is priced right and sounds like it would smell good and even by this criteria, the Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin would still probably end up in my cart - the price is totally reasonable and it has a fresh new scent that reminds me of apples. Everything stays dry and stink-free and at the same time it really does feel like it's adding moisture to my armpits which I didn't know they needed until I started doing it!

For more info go to www.ladyspeedstick.ca and be sure to check out the special offer on SnapSaves - www.snapsaves.com/LadySpeedStickNutraSkin.

- Lisamarie -

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