April 30, 2014

Layer your way to beautiful and fragrant skin with Weleda Wild Rose!

Layering products not only makes your skin feel great, it's also the perfect way to help a scent last longer. Some people like to layer products that are the same scent as their fragrance but I prefer to use products that compliment it  - and since the body lotions and washes in fragrance lines tend to be overpriced and rarely seem to be of very good quality, I'd rather go with products that specialize in body care like the ones from Weleda:

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash - 200ml - $15 - a moisture-rich cleanser with a hopelessly romantic aroma that harmonizes your skin and tantalizes your senses. With organic rosehip seed oil which is highly concentrated with deeply moisturizing essential fatty acids that nourish your skin to a velvety smooth finish. Along with gentle vegetable-based cleansers that cleanse and soften the skin without synthetic detergents. Rich in vitamins A & E and potent antioxidants, skin soaks up the unique skin-replenishing nutrients and feels smooth, revitalized and looks as good as it smells.

Weleda Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion - 200ml - $20 - a nourishing lotion for normal to dry skin, that stimulates the skin’s regenerative processes and helps maintain natural elasticity to leave skin feeling silky smooth and supple. Formulated with precious kernel extract from wild crafted Rosa Mosqueta, which is rich in skin-nourishing polyunsaturated fatty acids, moisturizing organic jojoba oil and witch hazel water to noticeably smooth skin. With a delicate floral scent from organic Rosa Damascena that calms and refreshes.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil  - 100ml - $30 - a luxurious body oil for skin that is rendered lusciously supple and protected from skin-damaging free radicals and environmental influences by the essential fatty acids antioxidants and vitamins A and E that are highly concentrated in the organic rosehip seed oil. Also contains organic rose flower oil - prized for its harmonizing aroma therapeutic properties that promote inner balance and relaxation along with a base of organic jojoba seed oil that ensures this blend is easily absorbed, keeping skin soft to the touch with a radiant glow. 

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant - 100ml - $21 - an effective, non-aerosol spray that eliminates the sources of unpleasant body odour and leaves a luxurious floral aroma. Contains organic rose leaf extract which has mildly astringent properties to refresh and tone your skin while cleansing away impurities. With no risky antiperspirants such as aluminum salts, your body’s natural detoxification process is supported while bacteria that cause unpleasant odours are neutralized. Every spray throughout your day makes you feel as fresh and smell as beautiful as a wild rose.                  

Available at Whole Foods Market and natural independent health food stores across Canada as well as online at www.weleda.ca, and www.well.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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