November 6, 2009

If you buy this makeup, Robert Pattinson will come over to your house and do indecent things to you...sorry, that was my fantasy speaking again.

I know what y'all are thinking.... Lisamarie is just using this post as a lame excuse to slap a picture of Robert Pattinson on her computer so she can drool over it for the next 20 minutes while she composes this message.  I'll tell you what I have to say to that... Damn Straight!  I love this man - actually I'm not even sure if he's legal and dammit, I don't care!  I would let him suck my blood and that's quite a statement coming from me, I hate needles and anything needle related and I expect having your blood sucked by a vampire would be very similar to that experience - and yes, I understand he is not really a vampire, he just plays one, I'm not delusional you know!  And as hard as it might be to believe I do actually have something beauty related to say pertaining to my dreamboat, well relating to his new movie anyhow...

I was spending far too much of my time and money at Shopper's Drug Mart again when I spied something new:
A line of  Luna Twilight cosmetics  I must confess, I have never heard of this line before, but I betcha with the Twilight tie in that the teens (and cougars) will be eating this up.  The palettes were quite lovely and named after the ladies in the movie - Bella, Victoria, Alice and Rosalie.  Alice and Victoria are quite colourful and Bella (pictured left) and Rosalie are more neutral.  I liked them all but at $30 for a no-name brand, fairly small palette I haven't made a final decision yet.

Also interesting in this collection was a line of "Just Bitten" Staining balms in 4 colours, 2 of which are red as you can imagine. $19 and "Mortal Glow" blushing creme, which I just like for the name.  There are also a body and face glow (so you too can sparkle?) and some mascara, but nothing else really grabbed me.

If you have any teens or tweens (or dirty old ladies) on your Christmas shopping list, this might be just the ticket!  I also found this line on the Nordstrom site here if you want to have a look!  I'm off to have a cold shower!

- Lisamarie -

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