November 2, 2009

Poptarts are people too!

As much as Christelle hates a celebrity designer, I love a celebrity fragrance!  I especially enjoy it when the crash-and-burn celebrities come out with their very own smell, and usually that means my favourite poptarts!  First up is Britney Spears - Circus Fantasy - from the name I am expecting popcorn, greasepaint, sawdust and elephant poop but instead we are treated to sugar coated raspberry, apricot blossom, peony, waterlily, orchid, musk, vanilla wood and violet candy.  Verdict:  Like It!  I have and enjoy her original Fantasy, which is quite sweet.  Circus Fantasy is lighter and not at all sweet, so if you hated Fantasy you just might like this one.  And the bottle is awesomely tacky.  Round and blue with little red rhinestones all over it. Genius! 
Jessica Simpson, you saucy minx!  I also think it's false advertising to call tuna, Chicken of the Sea!  Lucky for you it's not important to be purty and smart!  I miss your adorable tv show with your adorable husband portraying your adorable marriage.  You taught me so many important things.  Like laundry is hard, cooking is hard, cleaning is hard and take your designer bag camping.  I treasure these life lessons and can only hope and pray that you meet another cute boy, marry him and tape another reality tv show!  In the meantime, you stay in our minds and hearts with your booty shorts, weight gain/losses and fragrances.  Following up Fancy is Fancy Love - peach blossom, bergamot, lotus blossom, peony, plumeria, jasmine, rose, amber, blonde woods, patchouli - which when written out seems like it would be very floral, but I didn't find it was.  I am not a fan of a floral fragrance and I would buy this, it smelled very warm and a little sweet to me.  And the bottle is lovely and vintagey!

Last but never least, of course we can't forget our very own home grown poptart -  Avril Lavigne - black star - they are calling it a fruity floral - pink hibiscus flower, black plum and dark chocolate.  It's okay, I don't hate it.  I thought the bottle was kind of awful, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.  The best part is the studded ring around the cap which is removable and can be worn as jewelry.  You can't buy tacky like that!  Only available at Shopper's Drug Mart - in this part of Canada anyhow.
So this holiday we have much to be thankful for from our poptarts, but really they are making the big bucks so they can say it best, in the words of Avril: "It's important to be thankful, even if you're poor. I mean, come on, we all have clean water — well, OK, not people in the developing world."

'Nuf said.

- Lisamarie -

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