November 20, 2009

Da Frizz in My Hair

So after our little escapade yesterday, there was something extremely important that Lisamarie forgot to mention in our previous post: as we left our show, it drizzled. Yuck. Drizzle is even worse than rain when you have curly hair, it makes your hair frizzy and gross, and when my hair is like that it gives me very violent thoughts. Because frankly, my lifelong goal to go from this:

to this:

...requires a lot of work! Aside from the obvious extensive plastic surgery needed, I also use an army of hair products to keep  the frizz out (fun fact: I once asked my hairdresser to make me look like Wilhelmina Slater, but someone named Lisamarie told me I had failed because I'm actually a lot bitchier than her). Here is my winning combo to tame that mane:

1 - After your Shampoo (it doesn't need to be too fancy if you have a great conditioner/hair treatment afterwards), start with hair treatment from the Kérastase line (Oleo-relax) by L'Oréal:

The Oléo Relax treatment is AMAZING. It makes your hair so silky and soft and the frizz is gone, gone, gone. You only need a very small amount each time so don't panic when you see the size of the product and the price. It's not cheap ($50/200ml) but it's OK, because you're worth it! In fact, this is the type of treatment used in fancy salons.

For cheaper alternatives, you may want to try the "Shea all naturals" hair conditioner ($20) which works quite well.
I also use the Elsève Liss-intense hair treatment by L'Oréal again (around $12 for 250 ml) which helps controlling frizz and doesn't need to be rinsed out. However, I'm not sure what Canadian retailers carry this particular product. The Elsève anti-frizz is a good buy though: it's well priced and practical.

2 - Nourrish and protect with a touch of Palmer's coconut oil hair conditioner ($10), it works great and last forever since you need a very small amount each time.

3 - Before you blow dry or flat iron your hair, you may want to protect it with the Kerastase Oleo-relax serum ($30) or a cheaper alternative like the Frizz-Ease Hair Serum by John Frieda ($10 for 24ml)

4 - Buy an umbrella for the rain and if it drizzles, just stay home, damn it!


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