April 11, 2012

Elvira from Pink Sith mangles another brand of nail stickers - this time Kiss Nail Dress!

Kiss Nail Dress - $10.99 - is the latest contender in the nail sticker world and their claim to fame is offering more nail strips per kit than any other brand. Available in 18 patterns and textures for endless combinations and the selection of designs in every package are asymmetrical for added variety so you can mix and match by cutting them up into any shape to cover tail tips, create a half-moon or any other design you can think of.

Each kit contains 28 Nail Dress strips in 14 sizes which means there is something for everyone - well practically everyone. As for myself, my nails are so small that I find kits like this an exercise in frustration - I have to cut the stickers down so much to fit that they never end up looking right so as usual, I sent them to my American twin, Elvira from Pink Sith and let her put them through their paces.

I'm beginning to wonder why though, out of the last 4 different types of nail stickers that I have sent her, she has only been successful with one of them and don't they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, the only thing I'm not sure of is who the crazy one in this scenario is, me or her (and for that matter, who "they" actually is?)... While I ponder that,  here's Elvira!

I’m kinda getting the feeling that Lisamarie might be a complete and utter sadist. She really likes to send these nail stickers to me and I think she takes a secret joy in knowing that these nail stickers will ultimately drive me crazy. It’s very Un-Canadian behavior. You all should look into deportation for this girl. She acts too much like an American!

OK. Moving on.
You know when you get an inflamed taste bud on your tongue or burn the roof of your mouth you just can’t help but feel it with your tongue all day? Well imagine the inflamed taste bud is your Kiss Nail Dress Stickers and your tongue is the 9 other fingers you currently have and you’ve got my own private hell.

When referring to the Kiss Nail Dress Website FAQ (http://kissnaildress.com/#) one questions was: “How Long Do They Last?” The answer provided was: “It lasts up to 10 days, depending on your lifestyle.”

It had me thinking what sort of lifestyle would allow for these nail stickers to last for up to 10 days without them peeling, lifting, cracking, etc. I have come to the conclusion that the lifestyle is one of a person that:
a) Never touches water
b) Never types
c) Never does anything.

So basically a 500 pound (or 226 Kilos) person that does nothing but sit on their couch, eat and watch TV. Kinda like the mom from Gilbert Grape. She has people bring and prepare her food, she has a dialing wand because her overly fat sausage hands can’t use the buttons on the phone and she has nothing but time to make sure the Kiss Nail Dress Stickers are perfectly applied without a trace of creasing, folding or lifting. Yup. That must be the person that lasts 10 days in these things.

I, on the other hand, do wash my hands regularly, have a 5 y.o. that I have to give a bath to every night, I type, a lot. I pretty much don’t do anything, but that’s beside the point. I do have to get off my fat butt to get my own cookies from the kitchen.
So here is how loverly they looked after initial application. I properly prepped my nails for application. I made sure that I avoided any folds or gaps. But I’m sad to say these just didn’t work for me.
Approximately 10 hours after application, one shower, one hand washing and one face washing, I managed to get 6 of the 10 nails I covered to lift off. I wore them to work and most of my day was spent smoothing them down so I wouldn’t be tempted to peel them off and go bare nailed at work.
That being said, the Kiss Nail Dress Stickers looked awesome when I applied them. The retro 1960’s flower design is totally pretty and fun for Spring. They applied easily had a good thickness to the sticker so they wouldn't fold up on themselves. There were a bevy of sizes to choose from and they didn’t need a top coat once applied. Plus you could use them on your toes if you wished. I love you all too much to make you look at a picture of my feet. You're Welcome.

So can I recommend them? Not really. I mean, they look awesome, but they just don’t last all that well. At least they didn’t last all that well when I wore them. Your results may vary.

You can find more info and pictures of people who do nothing so theirs are perfect at: www.kissnaildress.com

- Elvira & Lisamarie -


  1. When I tried this brand I ended up putting a top coat on them and around the edges anyway just to seal them. I got a few days wear out of them like that. Sally Hansen's brand lasted much longer.

    1. Ditto, if you use a top coat they do last, at least 5 days, and my nails are really soft so that is above average. I use Poshe. Anyways I still think that for their prize, you shouldn't have to remember to apply another product on top every 2 days, and you should get better and longer wear. On the other hand, yay retro flowers!

  2. Those things are gorgeous, too bad they don't last.

  3. Oh hun! You tried your best. I am a huge fan of the Sally Hansen nail effects and have had amazing results from them. I live a pretty active lifestyle and they stick with me, definitely lasting 10 days as long as I didn't start picking at them. They also offer a floral print quite similar to the one posted.

  4. Those are very cute. Not cute enough for the fuss and trouble to last only ten hours, though. I have the zebra rhinestone ones in the above photo, which I can see on one or two nails, but not on all. Funny post.


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