March 27, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix - Drawn To You and Pull Me Close swatches!

China Glaze Magnetix Nail Lacquer - $10.50 in 6 shades: Attraction, Cling On, Drawn To You, Instant Chemistry, Pull Me Close and You Move Me and to go along with them a 3-in-1 Magnet - with star, stripe and arrow design - $10.50

I have none of the creative abilities as some of the nail experts I admire - they can do all kinds of amazing things with their nails so I love tools like this that make getting a bit more than a regular mani fairly idiot proof. I say "fairly" because they didn't count on as big an idiot klutz as myself. With the magnet you have to get it close to the nail but not actually touching and you don't want to know how many times I screwed up the wet polish by touching the magnet with it! It's a learning process, that's for sure! It also works much better if you polish and magnet each nail one at a time, the polish dries too fast to do the whole hand at once!
Drawn To You - the little finger is straight polish so you can see the colour - I found with this lighter colour that the designs didn't show as well as they do on the darker colour below. I couldn't get the star to show very well at all but I do love the stripe effect!
Pull Me Close - the design payoff is much better with the darker colour - the other thing I did find was because I have especially small nails, it was hard for me to center the design as I expect the magnets were made for "normal sized" nails. I kind of like the way the star looks off-centre like that anyhow so no biggie!

Pick up your own for $10.50 each or save yourself a couple of bucks by buying the whole collection with the magnet for $63.

Available at Nail Polish Canada -

- Lisamarie - 


  1. love these! I think the striped is my favourite look.

  2. been seeing these all over ppls blogs gotta check um out i have the ones from claires and i love um

  3. These look so cool, been seeing them around a lot lately :) Xoxo, Christine♥


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